week 7 of flower.. how they looking?

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  1. first grow just seeking some confirmation im doing okay..

    ive decided to only take them to full 8-8.5 weeks flowering before harvest may push to 9 weeks if you guys reckon i should but i got another couple plants in my vege tent week 4 atm - amnesia and northern lights.. so i wanna get them into flowering tent after 6 weeks vege i think.

    today was their last feed of flowering nutes only feeding half strength as had a little nute burn so eased off.. also giving them cannaboost since week 3 which ill continue feeding alongside pure water while i flush them for prob 1.5 weeks.

    you guys got any tips leading up to harvest ? ive heard giving them 24-48hrs darkness does increase trichomes/potency a little? any other advice related to drying and curing id appreciate!

    heres my 2 bagseed bitches lol, no idea what strain but seem more sativa dom. starting to frost up every day a little more now and still slowly seeing a bit of filling out. maybe 30% hairs are brown and trichomes all cloudy but havent spotted amber yet so i hope 1.5 more weeks is enough to ripen up for a decent end result.

    i did have another plant in there but she had all hairs turn brown week 3 with no new white ones appearing and bud growth pretty much stopped i let it go to week 5 and then knee something was up so checked it all over found some naners and premie seeds just couple.. pulled it out so my other 2 ladies could take full advantage of light and optimise growth as my tent was crowded with 3.

    the bud from the hermie wasnt bad but very poor yeild about half oz dry of little premature buds very crystally and def got me higher then the average viet weed that is flooded australia so hoping this stuff when ripe will be great smoke.








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    looking good bro u have to wait til pistils are brownish and laid back lol

    id say another 3-4 weeks i like my sativas to stay a lil extra for 50% amber trichomes. last grow i had a bag seed sativa flowering for 14 weeks before harvest.. u really dont wana harvest before time just to get ur other baby girls in bro.. not only the last week is where about 10-20% of the weight is building, the potency, tastes and aromas and the characterstics of the high are all getting their last finishes and id say this is really the difference between bad and good weed.. i had pretty horrible plants that looked and smelled like crap but still were growing, at last ive harvested them at the right time and the high wasnt bad at all.. btw u can do 'the stretch' under a metal halide lamp to reduce it.. only then move to HPS..

    hope that helps even a lil

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  3. Yea it does look like a sativa dominant strain with those skinny leaves. In general sativas will have a longer flower period and I agree with what dude said above ^^^ I wouldn't chop early just to get another plant into flower. You've come this far don't blow all your patience and work you know. Just veg some monsters :) good job tho for sure
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  4. ahh i was hoping it wasn't gonna be a 12 week strain.. but ill let it keep going another 3 to 4 then. thanks for the tips

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  5. Yeah man. I'd say 3-4 weeks. You see cloudy trichs. On the sugar leaves or in the bud? Also trichs are only part of what determines when you harvest. Wait till the buds stop producing new pistils. Your pistils will turn red/brown and recede back into the bud.
    Remember. Wait = weight
  6. yup i know i guess you develop patience with more grow experience but you know how it is first grow its like waiting for xmas! mix of cloudy and clear on buds no amber though

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