Week 7 flower help

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by 978_Grower, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. 7 weeks.... something up 100000%
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  2. Who's this sexy lady?

    Long and Sticky does the Trichy
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  3. yea could be all of that. And bad genetics. Gonna chop them down tomorrow after work and start fresh last time I take a clone or plant from a friend. Thx everyone with all your help
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  4. IMG_0753.JPG Thanks guys :) it's white widow x big bud!

    This is my other at 7 weeks but only vegged it for 3 weeks.. I think it's OG kush strain.

    The white widow vegged for 7 weeks.
  5. Where you located? I reckon you should just goto a decent site and grab a sexy lil 3 pack of master kush and bubbah kush or super skunk ;) they are fkin delicious indica goodness brotha.

    Sorry to hear about your situation! At least you will be hell ready for the next round. My advice if you're goinf with LED. just grab an additional 98 au mars hydro, they are cheap but are actually insanely great quality of light. It would help your grow so much with the extra light :)
  6. Loooking gorrrgeous mate! She is looking prime af!
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  7. It is what it is. From MA it's finally legal and was giving it a try. A friend at the dispensary gave me an orange extreme strain and brandywine. It just sprouted yesterday. He said it was top shelf so imma try that
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  8. Man you're so damn lucky bro....no such things as dispenseries here, or I would be working at one :(

    Sounds like you got this tho man, just lemme know if you ever have a question you can't find an answer too!
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  9. Thx I will follow you
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  10. Yeha same if you need help ask away dudes.. I'm only on first grow but learnt a fuck load
  11. wow man. Probably better off putting them outside to finish. Some sativa flower really long though. But yeah that's a shame for 7 weeks. Snap some close ups of those flowers.
  12. Wicked tiny

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  13. Look at the leaves growing out of the bud sites :(
  14. Yea trash plants. It's my fault for not realizing how bad I'm doing. Well lesson learned

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