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  1. Hi,
    I'm new to growing got a plant from a friend who says just go 12/12 on it.
    I've been flowering this for 7 weeks and no production at all. Also it seems to be growing single blade leaves everywhere and tops are light green. Any suggestions?

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  2. Looks like your plant is revegging from flowering. Do you see lots of new growth with no bud site? Maybe your light schedule is off somehow

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  3. make sure it gets no more than 12 hours at a time... check your timers.. are they cutting on and off at the correct time... im in week 7 of flowering.. check out what mine look like
  4. That's what it seems like but in those clawing single leaves there are trichomes producing on it.
  5. Everything is fine. I have other plants growing with it and they all seem to bud but very small also 7 weeks too. I don't know what I'm doing wrong
  6. Try a few pics without the purple light and we’ll have a better idea

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  7. 7 weeks looks like it's a waste of my time and nutes

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  8. image.jpg image.jpg
  9. For some reason I can't even see your images :/
  10. How much light are you giving these? 7 weeks, buddy, something is totally wrong. Lets go from the top so we can get everyone on the same page.
    So, how much light are you giving them and what temperatures do you have on average?
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  11. Huh. That's weird I see them
    Just fine
  12. Must be my app! Ill reset it.
  13. 12/12 1500watt led temp 70-85 humidity 50-60%
  14. I’m pretty sure that it’s revegging. I would check my timer.

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  15. It may be an 85 day flowering strain. Ive had strawberry kush before and it looked like that for quite a while. Id find out what strain you exactly have
  16. My friend told me it was purple kush. But this is no indica. It have very skinny leaves when I had them.This plant now is 4 feet tall
  17. Okay, but how many plants are under that LED? Also, any ideas how many true watts your panel is actually pulling from the wall?
  18. Temps seem fine, and unless you have more than 6 plants, I really can't see any issue with the amount of light or even your environment. Leaving. A light leak, which is probably why it has stunted so hard. Since it must be trying to re-veg.

    Could a light leak be a possibility? It would make sense as to why it has taken so long to flower. Since it really could be stabbing in and out of flower and veg.
  19. I have 7 plants under the one light not sure how much it's pulling through the wall but all of the other plants are flowering but small ass buds. Everyday I come home from work looking at these plants make me sick.
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  20. Tbh man, you may need to pull the lights closer to the plants in your next grow, for the simple reason of reducing the stretch your plants. They are hell lanky son. I have a sneaking suspicion that you're using a vipraspec LED or something of equally horrid quality?

    There are a few reasons buds form hella small: shitty temps, no air circulation in your tent, not enough light and/or not the right spectrum of light, not enough potassium and phosphorus (K + P) in your nute mixture and also cold temps. Still many more but I feel it will be one of these variables that are giving you da small buuudss

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