Week 7 blueberry gum

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  1. I'm heading into week 7 I know I still have a few weeks left. I started flushing yesterday cause it looks like Nute burn ?
    Or is this normal .Any advice would be great as this is my first grow .

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  2. Completely normal late in flowering, as the plant uses up what's left of the nitrogen.
  3. So this is normal some are saying it's not ? You can also see Nute burn on the tips so do I continue with water or nutes ?
  4. That's week 7? All your pistils are sticking straight out and are still white pretty much. Way too early to flush imo. I don't flush though haha
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  5. to me they look like they have time to fatten up, i probably wouldn't flush yet. whats your feeding schedule like? I'm new to this so i may be wrong. I've just seen a lot of post where people were going to flush but were told to hold off and they were glad they did because they fattened up and got a better yield. I think the rule of thumb is you want to flush when the buds look like their pretty much ready to harvest.
    How Long to Flush Cannabis Plants Before Harvest (for Smoother Buds!) | Grow Weed Easy
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  6. There is still a lot more weight for that plant to put on. The pistils stick out more than the buds, which should be the other way around if you have good size nugs
  7. yeah i noticed that too, another reason why he should wait to flush. Its got to fatten up some more
  8. OK I'll keep going with Nute my feeding schedule was 2tbl per gallon once a week .Maybe it's not week 7 I was just reading and I started on the 12/12 switch no pistils . But with continuing with nutes will that further damage the plants ?
  9. Thanks alot really appreciate the help
  10. No if you keep feeding them they should be fine, just try not to stress the plant
  11. I panicked and flushed 2 days ago should I just start the nutes up half strength per gallon again for the next watering ?
  12. I will say I did the exact same thing with my first grow. My next watering i added the same amount of nutes as I already did the previous nuted watering. I'll also add that my leaves looked a little more yellow then others and my grow shop recommended I add a little of the flora gro to the water which worked perfectly. Check my journal out below and start where I initially flushed. I ended up growing for about 2-3 weeks longer and it was one of the best things I've done

    check out my first grow/journal https://forum.grasscity.com/index.php?threads/1423342/
  13. I wouldn't worry too much about yellow leaves, as long and the yellowing doesn't spread
  14. I plan on saving your journal it's fantastic I'm going to go thru it a couple more times lol as it looks like we have the same problem and thanks sgtchicken I'll be back on track in no time .It's very easy to panic as a beginner
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  15. No problem brother. You've waited this long already so you need to be patient and get every extra gram you can. It was painful not knowing when to cut. Start planning your strategy for cutting, trimming and curing now. It's far more time consuming then I realized and there's tons of different methods. I did some defoliation towards the end and wet trimming of fan leaves but next time I will bite the bullet and do much more wet trimming the day I cut

    check out my first grow/journal https://forum.grasscity.com/index.php?threads/1423342/
  16. Listen to the man above you really wanna start planning out cutting and trimming but you are not yet there brother I wait until there's 50/50 orange hairs and white hairs to start flushing but like some people said it really depends on you some people don't flush at all some only do it for 2 days I try to do what I think is best and expiriment with what sounds logical because some things will work better for other then they do for you etc. also like the guy above said start trimming wet I would start plucking some of those lower fan leaves off that have nothing to do not but be yellow and look ugly and freak you out, it will save you trimming time and also I didn't trim wet I chopped all my big colas off and let them hang then once hey were dry I trimmed and I had a hay smell to my bud for atleast the first week of curing and I noticed the plant that got harvested second I trimmed a lot of the fan leaves wet then did all the tiny leaves and stuff once it was dry and it smelt alot better although the quality was the same I prefer a better smell to my buds !

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