Week 6, Leaves Yellow Like Bananas After Molasses

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  1. I've got a problem. I am growing in soil and have been using Earth Juice ferts (grow, bloom, and catalyst). Last weekend for my usual nutrient cycle I added a mild amount of molasses to my feeding, 1/2 tbsp to gallon. Ever since then my older fan leaves have been turning bright yellow (think bananas) and then either shriveling up or coming off with a gentle tug.
    Should I flush? Is this a result of toxicity or deficiency? Am I just assuming this is because of the molasses? I haven't really been having anything like this happen until I used the molasses.
    I just started week 6 yesterday and I know that yellowing is natural towards the end of the flowering cycle but it just seems like this is an excessive amount of yellowing...
    Any input would be appreciated.

  2. Here's some pics. Please offer advice if you have any!

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  3. That's a nitrogen deficiency. If you haven't repotted recently, now's the time to do so. The molasses probably had nothing to do with it, just a coincidence. If you have recently repotted, then you need to feed it either a balanced nutrient, or one higher in nitrogen.
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  4. Is it worth treating if I'm less than 3 weeks from harvest?
  5. Just noticed that you're 6 weeks into flowering, not 6 weeks into veg. Don't give it a high N fertilizer, that was my bad. You definitely need to re-pot. Is that a 2 or a 3 gallon pot? Try potting it up into a 5 gallon if you can. If not, then give it a balanced fertilizer.
  6. You've got more than 3 weeks to go, I assure you. I'd feed it one more time, maybe twice.
  7. I just watered yesterday. Should I wait a few days or go ahead and hit it with the fertilizer now?
  8. Had the same problem lost alot of leaves so i flushed her now she is nine weeks tomorrow, she is doing great may take a little longer to finish without all her leaves dying off. My problem was mag deficiency which i kinda waited to long to fix used calmag plus and what leaves where left did not dye
  9. First of all, EJ Catalyst contains molasses, so there is no need for additional molasses. Second of all, are you using EJ nutrients correctly? Are you bubbling your EJ nutes for 24hrs to bring the pH to 6.5?
    I'd wait a day or two. But not as long as you'd normally wait.
  11. I haven't been bubbling my nutes...very new to this. Obviously I need to do some research into this.
    I grew outdoors 10+ years ago but didn't spend much time making sure the plant was getting what it needed. Indoor is a whole new ballgame for me...
    This plant has been doing very well up until this week. It's had a few problems along the way but this is definitely the most worrisome thing I've encountered.
    I'm thinking I'll repot tomorrow if I can make it happen. I'm hoping that will help and I'm guessing I won't need to flush then. I'm thinking it's gotten way too much potassium and I'm not sure but maybe that can block nitrogen uptake?
  12. If you look at the last pic you can see how they're turning yellow, then brown and curling. Noticed 1 leaf doing this on Tuesday, now it's like 1/3 of the plant is following suit. Bud sites still look okay though...I'm worried if it goes much further though I'll have to harvest early.
  13. If the entire leaf turns yellow at the same time, then gradually browns and dies, that's almost certainly nitrogen. It's either due to a lock out from a build up of salts from using the bottle nutrients in that small pot, or its due to all of the nitrogen in that soil being used up. You want to be careful what fertilizer you use right now, you don't want a high nitrogen fertilizer. Too much nitrogen during flower can affect flower development. You want a balanced fertilizer, or something higher in K/P. That's only if it's due to all the nitrogen being used. I would repot and give it a week or two in the new soil and see what happens before dosing it with any fertilizers.
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  15. Update:
    I repotted today into a 5 gallon planter. When I removed the plant from it's old planter I could tell it was very root bound. I tried to knock as much of the old dirt off as possible and dunked the root ball in a bucket with warm spring water to try and remove more.
    I got it into the new planter and have my lights all set up. I don't plan on fertilizing until next weekend at the earliest. The new soil I put it into was very moist so I didn't water after transplanting.
    I contemplated cutting off the dead leaves but I'm afraid that will just over stress it.
    Now I guess only time will tell.

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  16. Looks a lot better in that big pot. Give it a week or so to recover (especially since you messed with the roots a lot - definitely stressed it a bit). Don't be surprised if it starts looking sad for a few days - it'll bounce back though. Once it's recovered go ahead and remove the dead leaves. Now that it has new soil with new nutrients you shouldn't have to fertilize for a while.
    It's coming along nicely despite the root binding, by the way. Good job.
  17. How to I post pics on here I have some questions about my autos and need to put pics up .. And start a new thread !!!!.... Looks a lot better man
  18. I can pretty much guarantee it wasn't the molasses. I use molasses very liberally and have never had a problem from it. Lots of strains drop their large fan leaves during flower anyway, so I really wouldn't worry as long as your buds are still growing nicely. Changing pots should help if it was rootbound or having a salt build up. From here on out I'd just use water only, since the plant should be able to feed off the new soil for a few weeks and you don't want to feed and bottled nutes right before harvest anyway. And it won't hurt anything to remove all the damaged leaves. It will probably be a relief to the plant to be able to stop trying to repair them.
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    Six weeks is about the time the fan leaves should start dying off. Its not a deficiency it's part of the life cycle. I would NEVER transplant this late into flower. You will just give her unneeded stress. Two weeks into flower is the very very latest i would transplant. I usually transplant then veg for a week then make the switch. That way they are already established in the pot. But they have room to grow.

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    I fear I may have caused it a little stress. Can someone chime in and tell me if this looks like a male preflower, sorry for the shitty pics...just look towards the center of the picture.
    It's kind of hidden on the right side of the main stem. Slightly behind the leaves, it looks pointed.

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