Week 6 - Flowering - Major roblems!

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  1. So ive got three females in about 4 gallons of soil each, under a 400W hps, switched to 12/12 about 7 weeks ago.

    I'm giving a full dose of flowering nutes every other watering, and now i'm starting to give a bit of molasses too, although it may be too late...

    About a week and a half ago the plants must have run low on water or something, because a lot of severe damage took place one day... it hasnt really gotten worse in the last week and a half, but there is a LOT of dead leaf material on these plans now, and they are looking really ugly.

    The plants still seem to be growing and developing, but probably not as well as they should be at all...

    So I guess my question is... will they make it to harvest? And if so, did i turn my three beutifull plants of dank into schwagg? What can i do right now, other than keep them watered and fertalized and hope for the best?

    My planned harvest date is two to three weeks from now, the buds are still thickening up a bit and packing on some crystals, so i guess i have high hopes, what do you think?

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  2. flush with water and only water til they are done.........
  3. O Rly? Ok.

    Any second opinions or explanations?
  4. I'm still new to all this, but I read that during flowering and closer to harvest, the plant starts directing all the nutrients/light/water/energy it gets to the buds.
    Which is why some leaves almost always turn brown.

    Good luck, hope you figure it all out!
  5. It's hard to tell from those pics under the flowering light what is going on, but it's definitely something. Into flowering, particularly late stage, the plant will start running out of stored nitrogen and fan leaves will start yellowing. This usually starts lower down on the plant and is perfectly normal. Your plants look like they could be brown all over and wilting, which could be from under-watering, temps, RH, nutes, pH, hard to tell.

    You say you are 2 weeks from harvest -- have you checked the trichs under magnification?

    When you are about 2 weeks from harvest yes flush the soil well and then you can water as needed after that but no nutes (molasses is OK, its not a nute). Make sure your waterings are thorough and are given when needed, plants in flowering often need a lot more water than they did in veg or in early flowering.
  6. Well, i have 2-3 weeks left i think, so mabye i'll keep fertalizing for one more week and then just water and molasses after that.

    As far as the wilting and crispiness of the leaves goes, Ive grown successfully before, but this light is a lot more intense, and i think the plants ran out of water, so out of water + more intense light equals toasted leaves.
  7. maybe root lock? I wouldnt think so though in a 4 gallon pot... but idk. theres definately somethin going on. that looks like its gonna be some real leafy buds though btw...
  8. as toastybiz is suggesting, i'd just give her a good, solid flush with water. check the pH of the run off while you're at it just in case, and adjust as needed (if you end up having to raise the pH, make sure you thoroughly flush with water again after the pH adjustment). good luck.
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    What ever you're doing stop ferting them. Especially if you only thing you have two weeks left. Let them finish with just water, and you will be fine.

    After looking at the pictures better it looks like you have an incredibly extreme case of nute burn man. Most of your leaves are burning from the outside in, and are curling down. That looks like nute burn to me.

    Whatever you had been giving them, you were giving them way too much, or way too often. I'm not sure if you can recover them, but it may be possible. Give them a huge flush, and then finish them with water. You may be able to save them still...
  10. they are still alive and developing, but they just lost so much leaf area...

    I'll stop with the nutes and hope for the best i guess.
  11. I know leafy buds was NOT the goal really, but hopefully it will still be smokeable at least.

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