Week 6 flower, losing leaves like crazy

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    What type of medium; soil or hydro? soil
    What brand and type of soil? FFOF 25% perlite
    Indoors or outdoors? indoors, grow tent gl80
    What strain? Bag seed
    How old are the plants? 5 weeks flower, about 3 feet tall
    What type of lights and how many watts? 400w air-cooled hood, vented into attic, passive air intake
    How far from the lights? 3-5"
    What is your watering frequency and source of water? every 2-3 days, well water, ph balanced with vinegar or baking soda
    What, how much and when was it fed? NPK? Fox Farms Trio, FF dry trio, FF micro brew
    What is the medium/runoff pH and PPM? 6.2 ph and 400ppm
    What are the temps and humidity in the room? 73-81 humidity / 50%
    What size pots? 2 gallon
    Any bugs? in the last week there have been tiny bugs in runoff water, none on the plant itself
    Any other pertinent info? the runoff ph has been low the last couple of waterings, did a flush last friday, got the ph to 6.5, 3 days later feed 1/4 strength nutes. leaves are falling off and tips are curled up. I've done the place your hand over the tops to check for heat, but I could place my hand there for min's and it isn't an issue.

    I think I may be root bound/root rot? with the 2 gal pots. Although I don't notice a foul smell.

    Can I transplant to 3 gal pots at this stage of growth? week 6 flower just started today.

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  2. Looks a lot like manganese deficiency, from the sick plants guide. Sorry I can't say much beyond that, except it looks like a deficiency/lockout, and your pH seems fine although was on the low side recently. Was everything fine till recently, under the same feeding schedule?
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    Yeah, everything has been going great until about 7-10 days ago. Now I'm picking dead leaves off the floor of my tent daily & seeing fungus gnats in my runoff water.
  4. you have the same problem I've had with mine man. I looked everywhere and tried just about everything. I ended up pHing every single drop of water to 6.5 ~ 6.8 and the leaves have stopped curling. the affected growth doesn't heal but it's stopped progressing. I'm in soil so I don't know if this'll help you but I sure do feel for you, man!

    edit: tiny black bugs? like gnats? azamax will sort that out!
  5. At this point(6th week flower) I'm just going to have to limp through it. Is it even worth adding nutes? or should I just continue to feed it 6.5 balanced water?
  6. About the same time that this happened to me too. I gave them water for 3-4 waterings and then half a dose of nutes (canna bloom) after. I never give nutes more than once a week now. Most responded well but the worst affected started to curl again, as if they were weaker, so I don't feed them as much.

    I also added half a dose of (canna) PK1314. That helped budding -alot- too..

    That's my experience with this problem. Hope stuff turns out well for you.
  7. GoodAfternoon, fellow growers based on my personal expirience, first correct the ph in the soil, I'm almost sure is Ph is way off the chart, test, re-test n then test again, n just flush, hope it helped !
  8. it sounds and looks like you have phylloxera, or root aphids. they suck the life right out of your roots. your leaves start to fall off because the plant sucks the juices out of your leaves to make up for what the root aphids are doing in your soil. they do not go on the upper part of the plant at all, only the soil. some grow wings when they feel there is an insufficient ammount of food in the plant they're in. so they fly to the next one and lay eggs. non-winged ones give live births. they are also EXTREMLEY hard to get rid of, cockroaches of the indoor grow world.


    good luck and godspeed.
  9. Looks like I have both root aphids & fungus gnats. Going to get some Bayer Advanced fruit, citrus, and vegetable insect control; some tanglefoot; and safer sticky stakes.

    F*ck this sucks. This hobby can be so rewarding, yet a complete f*cking headache at the same time.
  10. Ya if you've got crawlies on your roots they will starve out your plant, then eat your roots. Typically you get stunted growth then major deficiencies and eventually death, or possibly the plant will survive till harvest. I've personally had gnats and didn't take it seriously till I started seeing problems similar to yours at around the same stage. It's probably the bugs.

    I just recently read an article on getting rid of gnats. This may not be enough soon enough, but a good first step is to let the plants dry out as much as possible, then flush them with diluted hydrogen peroxide solution which supposedly kills them. Search around a bit for fungus gnat threads and youll find it fast.
  11. how are your buds though?
  12. azamax should sort it out
  13. other than stunted growth, they look fine. Some buds have hermied on one of the plants, but that could be the genetics of the bagseed(?). Otherwise, tric's all over the place, clear to cloudy right now.

    These little f*ckers have probably cut 20-40% of what they could have been, though.

    I've read that these little bastards will lay eggs in the buds, too. I've been looking at them with a scope(30x) daily and don't see any, but then again, would you be able to actually see the eggs?
  14. I couldn't find any of that stuff, but I did find some "Bayer Advanced fruit, citrus, and vegetable insect control" at wally world. It's an additive to mix with water, I just might give it a try tomorrow(watering day).
  15. nothing on the sticky traps as of this morning.

    since seeing those RA & FG in my runoff, I have been placing paper towels under my pots to absorb the moisture.
  16. no fungus gnats should usually not do that. just gotta worry bout aphids. i had few gnats, no big problem. and uh. if you got hermies.. get rid of it bulbs that contain pollen/get rid of the plant asap. itll pollen your whole grow room and seed your female plants. and pollen might stay in the room. o.o
  17. I've only got 2 plants in the grow tent, and only about 2-3 weeks left of flowering. One plant has hermied(not on the main cola, very little on the mid size buds, but the bottom buds/popcorn buds are hermied out) while the other plant shows no signs of hermie at all.

    I've trimmed those bottom buds out. But I should be all right riding it through shouldn't I?

    Still nothing in the sticky fly traps. I watered last night and still noticed the root aphids in the runoff.
  18. aslong as you keep pinching "bananas" and pollen sacks you're golden. seeing as you only got 2 babies - this should be your #1 focus. if you had like 10+ you'd might want to get rid of it the one that hermied.

    hang in there mate
  19. The plant that hermied doesn't have seeds in a banana fashion, it looks more like the buds have an amount of grapes bunched together.

    For whatever reason, when I try to upload my new pics, the new pics are nowhere to be found on GC's attachment. It only shows my pics from about a 7-10 days ago.

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