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Week 5 outdoor lavender kushh

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by jzpoonhandler, May 22, 2011.

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    I don't use any nutes i use bonemeal and spray them with fungacide 3. And the area where i am growing theres many little critters. So i have to protect my babies from those fuckers everytime after it rains
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    I read this, then

    Then saw this.

    ..Leading me to believe either you jzpoon live below the equator or why am i paying for foxfarm products when this man does such an amazing job with his homemade dirt n bonemeal haha. N great job with the varmints, looks great on the bug side :) You've even got the stealth aspect down, and i'm not talking about your edit out, rofl. Love how you used the natural log placement to hide it, looks like it belongs when i look at it from a bystander perspective.

    Oh and i just wanted to say to this comment,

    Just on the way to my porch so will do, friend. :)
    I'll definately be following this one.
  3. nice grow man i acaully got a grow going on myself hopefully i can get some pics up soon.. i got 11 feminized plants growing 6 northern lights from attitude and 5 hindu kush skunk .... all of them are in 5 gal buckets with organic soil peat moss and perlite... BUT my biggest hindu kush skunk plant that is about 4 weeks old i just tranplanted into a 50 gallon contaier:hello: so i hope to see a growth spirt
  4. update: it rained for the past 2 days so i went to check the girls this morning, they're doing awesomeeeeee take a look;





    remaining Lavender Kush


    So heres a few questions;

    first of all, what is this shit? its been on most of my plants from the start and hasn't seem to do any damage but i have no clue what it is


    and lastly do these look like pistils to you guys?

  5. Im thinking you have a virus, either that maybe your plants roots hit a clay deposit or something..plants take up whatever material they encounter...sometimes it shows in the leaves...thats my best two guessses.

  6. Those are actually very possible because i've seen it in other plants around the area, and theres clay under the hole and in the entire area
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    Glad to be of some help then, problem solved :)

    Still I'll do a bit of research into it.

    +rep to u for your grow so far man.
  8. Awesome pictures. You're plants are looking great! Especially that momma. It's huge lol. I'm interested to see how this finishes :)
  9. Yea getting pics tomorrow with a magnifying glass... Stay Tuned
    Hopefully the pistils crack and i see me some hairs buddy.

  10. Are you super cropping the back up girl ?? They both look amazing though

  11. Yeah all my plants have been supercropped. I'll be updating w/ hd pics in the am
  12. Do you have any pictures of the female plant's flowers? I'm trying to sex mine now.. One of my plants has some VERY small ball formations around the nodes. Hard to tell if its a pollen sac or a very new pistil development.

  13. as a matter of fact....

    GOOOOOOD NEWS: 2 confirmed females, momma and the Lavender kush! :yay:

    Momma is doing awesomee so stretchy and so many bud sites and a few preflowers, but couldn't get any pics because they were so tiny




    The LK is doing great too, slowly getting taller and just showing preflowers


    Just to get an idea of how small the pistils are



    backup plants are doing goood too but no signs of sex yet


  14. more to come tomorrow

  15. Very nicely hidden
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    Damn thats small. I probably have at least another week until by biggest plant shows sex.

    Congrats on the females tho :smoke:
  17. just found an old macro lens and will be checking the girls tomorrow. on the momma plant a branch broke off a week ago, so i stuck it in the ground hoping to make a clone. it rained a lot the following days and last time i checked it the leaves were perking back up. Hopefully tomorrow i'll see another plant added to my garden. :D pics will be up tomorrow
  18. wheres them pics?
  19. nice journal man, i do believe i'm sub'd:smoke:

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