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Week 5 of Flowering

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ko17, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. Im approaching week 5 of flowering, how am I looking? I noticed some dark trichs appearing, is this normal for week 5? Not sure of the strain, just some bag seeds from a good bag. Thanks








  2. Looks great ^_^
  3. Thanks man, I appreciate it
  4. wowza. looks tasty.:hello::hello::hello::hello::hello:
  5. like first grow looks not bad..:)
  6. congratulation
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    Thank you is my first grow, aside from a few light height issues, and a semi-late transplant into the final grow bags, they have had groomed lives, 400w hps foxfarm happy frog, was using grow-big and now big bloom every third watering or so...wish i had an idea of the yield amount, but like I said no clue on the strain.
  8. looks like some indica. mmmm couch lockage
  9. i think ...
    this isn't full 100% indica but dominating of indica bright...

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