Week 5 of flowering and my baby is very sick

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  1. For some reason my plants leaves are turning yellow and the leaves are getting crispy. At first i thought it maybe a nute def so i upped it a bit due to the fact it was nearly time to, per instructions. I am thinking this maybe a magesium def? please any help would be much appreciated

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  2. I don't think it's Mag. I tell ya, what it looks most like to me is Nitrogen. Understand that I'm going by pics. I've never seen (N) probs first hand.
  3. definitely not mag...
  4. Looks to me like they got light bleached and or are over fertilized. This is not magnesium deficiency. I don't think it is N deficient either. N deficiency starts off with some yellowing; these seem to have gone right to white/dead. What type of lights, how far from the plants and what is the temp in the room? What type of fertilizer is it NPK and all?
  5. I have been using BC grow and i have been very carefull with the nutes as to the feeding plan. I am using a 400w HPS aircooled with A/C in there so temp is def not a prob there. The top leaves are the ones that are suffering and not the bottom ones? I really think the problem is due to the root mass in the water farm. I have been running it non-stop upto this point and i can now see it doen't drain too well. The water fills up quicker than it drains due to the roots. I am hoping if i put her on 30 mins every 4 hours this should fix the problem and stop the saturation. what do you guys think? I have another plant same size same breed and no probs there?
  6. Ok its hydro. I might have to call on some peeps to help us out if we can't figure it out. What is the current ph of the system and what is the PPM? How far is that hps from the tops of your plants? Since the trouble is at the tops it leads me further to believe they are getting light bleached. Can you see the roots? How do they look? Are they nice and white or do they look brown and slimy?
  7. the roots are lookin brown and are not smelling to well? what could this be and what is causing it?
  8. God, I'll bet he doesn't have a PH or PPM meter. If your going to grow hydro you got to have both. Your prob is overfert, end of story. Drain off all your nutes, mix a new batch at half the strength you were using and give her some time to recover. You need to change your solution every 7-10 days to avoid build-up and deficencies. For now I would change every 7 days for the next 2 weeks.
  9. Look mate dont jump to conclusions i have both PH and PPM meter i work in the chemical field. Stop jumpin to freakin conclusions. And over fert was not the issue. The problem more likely is due to over watering and lack of oxygen. The root mass had slowed down the drainage and thats waht has caused this. I know have put the waterfarm on a 30 mins every 4 hours. STOP ASSUMING CAUSE YOU MAKE A DICK OUT OF YOU AND ME :(

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