week 5 of flower yellow leaves already?

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  1. hello grasscity community first time poster long time following.


    my 3 babies are at the end of week 5 going on week 6. the strain is unknown.
    i just noticed yellow fan leaves starting to appear today. I know this happens when the plant is finishing up at the end of flowering but when is it ok to see this start happening?

    this is the first set of plants that i will see through to harvest so im not sure if they need nitrogen or if they are finishing

    the ph is good.

    in veg i was feeding dyna gro "grow" 7-9-5 @3ml per gallon every feeding and they loved it

    for the first 3 weeks of flower I fed dyna gro "bloom" 3-12-6 @2ml per gallon

    for week 4-5 iv have been giving them 2ml of bloom and 2ml of botanicare's HYDROPLEX bloom maximizer 0-10-6 at the same time and they seemed really strong with no problems AT ALL.

    so they are getting aprox 3/4 strength nutes 3-22-12 total

    heres a pic of one of the fan leaves i cut from the main cola
    can anyone tell from pics if these plants look like they are early finishers or do they look typical for 5 full weeks.

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  2. It is normal to start getting yellow fan leaves after 5 weeks of flowering. I get them after 4 weeks sometimes. You don't want to give much Nitrogen during the flowering phase, so don't add extra N to try and fix this 'problem'. Also, don't cut off fan leaves just because they get yellow, you need to wait until the plant has used all the energy in the leaf and it falls off by itself or with very gentle pulling from you. If you just cut that one to show a pic of it that's OK, but don't cut any more leaves off.
  3. yes I did just cut one to show. I never cut off fan leaves I understand they are important.

    thank you so much for your reply, foolishly and impatiently today I did feed a bit of nitrogen but I will not do that again, hopefully it wont cause any harm.

    since this is my first start to finish grow im not sure what to expect and at what points to expect it.

    The flower growth seems to be slowing considerably, can anyone guess as to hom much larger the buds will become?
  4. we cut off a 1g bud wet and flash dried it in the oven, it ended up at 0.3g about one bowl pack. even though premature it still got me really high, a really heart pounding paranoid high. but it wore off really fast too which was cool. it came and went. I just dont wanna lose this first harvest.

    thanks any more input is welcome
  5. mg half tea spoon epson salts will sort you out

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