Week 5 of flower, how do they look? cola shots*

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    week 5 of flower under 600w and 400w, soil promix with ewc and organic additives
    feeding schedule per plant
    nute every other watering
    Bud candy 6ml
    Just stopped feeding big bud, 2-4 weeks says to use, anyone with experience using it longer? positive?
    heavy 16 flower formula part a and b 14ml, anyone with experience with this nute? got it given to me from a buddy who ended the hobby
    strains, pic do not align to strains
    girl scout cookies - cali connection
    critical kush - bf
    bubblegum - th
    holy grail kush - dna
    RIP Sour tangie - dna :( fuckin mites
    plant 1
    plant 2
    plant 3
    plant 4
    also some of my lower growth looks like this, i have battled gnats and mites on my tangie which is dead now, luckily it didnt spread to the others and i was able to control and solve the problem
    is that anything to be concerned about?

  2. They look great.

    Way further along than my new York diesel at that stage
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    when is the appropriate time to start counting the flower stage? i saw the very first pistils on my ladies on Sept 4th 
    thanks its my 4th grow and my last one was hydro which was horrible lol, back to the soils
  4. bumpppppp
  5. The leaf looks like it has a little rust color to it.

    Paging Dr. Green Thumb
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    maybe feeding too much nutes, some type of lockout? im going to measure ph run off tomorrow
  7. I had that issue. Gave them a good flush and restarted with feeding.

    Iv been using foxfarm with promix. I think ill be switching back to technaflora..

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  8. gave them a good flush, waiting to see how they bounce back. last time i was in, on one of the plants a single branch of buds was drooping and everything else looked fine , strange :confused_2:
  9. after the flush they are looking good, coming onto week 6 which will be there last week of feeding before going into flush
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    Go with your gut an how they look, they guesstimate times, most of then don't know what they send you, some do an are very reliable on strain. Some I've purchased are no way what they are supposed to be but still quality.mmost times of flowering are a etimate , it all depends on lighting,nutes, etc...good luck but dint go bye the book , trust yourself you'll be happy you did an more kno ledge under the belt not just book smart!!!
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    Week 7! checked trichromes and they are looking nice and cloudy!. going to start flushing them and go from there.. i did notice some drooping happening which i dont know whats causing this, as well some funky looking leaves but i believe the leaves were from nutes which ive stopped feeding.... i battled gnats on this grow so im thinking their might be larvae in the soil causing some wilting? i dont know what to do at this point in flower besides spray the soil with neem if that even does anything so im going to just stretch it out till their done...
    heres the drooping and leaves
    Critical Kush
    crical kush2.jpg
    GSC (denses shit ive grown yet)
    gsc (2).jpg
    Holy Grail Kush
    holy grail kush.jpg

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  12. Are these 3pics of critical kush?
  13.  the pics are critical kush, gsc, bubblegum and holy grail kush

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