Week 5 of flower and sudden yellowing of tips and one very sad plant

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  1. What type of medium; soil or hydro? Coco
    What brand and type of soil? Coco
    Indoors or outdoors? indoors
    What strain? White Russian, Strawberry Cough, Mystery Strain???
    How old are the plants? 5 weeks
    What type of lights and how many watts? 600 - 1200w
    How far from the lights? 16''
    What is your watering frequency and source of water? 2-3 days, RO water
    What, how much and when was it fed? NPK? Fox Farms Trio w/ Sugar daddy and CalMag.
    What is the medium/runoff pH and PPM if in hydro? 6.2 ph and 400ppm
    What are the temps and humidity in the room? 78-81 humidity under 30% always
    What size pots? 5 gallon
    Any bugs? Look real close. none
    Any other pertinent info? A timer broke 3 weeks back and allow the pump to dump my whole resivor into the plants. I caught it about 4 hours after it happened and flushed the plants. I gave them 3 days to dry out and recover before giving them 1/4 nuts. 2 days later I water and then 2 days later 1/2 nuts etc etc till back to normal. Well the last 3 to 5 days (3 weeks since the pump broke) all the plants get this terrible yellowing at the tips. And I have one Mystery strain that looks like death...

    I have 2 pictures that don't help much but gives you some idea. I'm trying to get my buddies camera so I can take more with more clarity.
  2. does anyone have any ideas? its starting to happen to the another one. The stems and buds look healthy but the leaves just keep turning yellow :-/ am i not feeding them enough because they are in coco? water every 2 days, feed every other watering
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    Well after some research and comparing photos, I guess I have a Phosphorous Deficiency. When I made my Coco Mix I used Fox Farms Marine Cuisine and that is 10-10-12. So when the timer broke and I flushed out of panic, I didin't even think about how I just flushed all the Marine Cuisine out. So the Only source of P they were getting was from my Tiger Bloom which wasn't a lot...

    Soooo I've switched over to using Compost Organic Teas and using Clear Water Trophy Bloom as my "compost" replacement. Also tossing in Black Strap molasses and Chamomile. Hoping this mixture really boosts the last few weeks of growth.

    Side note: Do I Flush 2 weeks before harvest and feed them nothing? With this P deficiency I'm worried they missed out on a huge amount of growing and I want to make up for that even if I have to flower slightly longer.
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    Alrighty. I'm back and hoping for some help this time >.>

    Here are some pics of the whole grow room getting worse... Once Again only the White Russians have the worst of it. But now, they are like shriveling up! :-(((


    So this is what I have done..
    1. Changed nutrients to much richer and better ones.. Using a Tea chalked filled with molasses and phosphorus.
    2. Raised all the Lights another 6 inches. 1200 watts in a 4x4x6.5 might be excessive.. but there is also 10 plants in there.. This also dropped my temps 79 to 75. My first grow was CFLs and I just under estimated the HPS. Even though they were 16'' to 18'' away, I still think that has a lot to do with my many problems.
    3. Started giving them pep talks! rallying them up!.. yeah its gotten to that point.. lol
  5. DID you think about the potassium concentration, if you flushed the plants soil, and fixed the phosphorus levels then you also flushed out all the potassium, flowering plants need higher levels of Both phosphorus and potassium compared to vegging plants which need more nitrogen. If your plant is lacking potassium it might be the reason. Also check the temperature at the top of the canopy, seems like people always underestimate the heat output from the HPS, especially the 1000w.
  6. The temp sits around 78-80 all day. The ferts I'm using now are all organic 2-2-2 and 2-15-3. The guy at the store said this should greatly supply all the nutrients needed for flowering.

    This is what I'm feeding them now
    4Gal of RO water
    4oz of Clearwater Flowering 2-15-3
    1Tbs of Clearwater Feeding 2-2-2
    1oz Molasses
    3Tbs of Calmag
    4 drops of Superthrive

    They look pretty bad today and I fed them 2 days ago. I'm doing another moderate feed tomorrow hopefully to see some turn around.

    Btw Anyone know the proper PPM for Compost Tea when feeding it to plants? Do I go along with the normal ppm? Or is organic Tea a different amount?
  7. i have seen this before with a buddy's plants. and it looks like the same case. dont know why i didnt see it earlier, whats your pH? My buddies plants were about 4 weeks old and looked exactly the same. so i went and got some litmus paper and check his soil run-off which was at around 8.5-9 LOL we transplanted and triple checked the new soil pH and the plants recovered perfectly in 3 days, drastically over night.
  8. I Ph at about 6.2-6.8 after nuts with nuts in the range of 1000ppm. Your buddy might have had a P and K lock out from the Ph being so high.

    3 Days ago before the fed I flushed them and added some Lime and Epsom Salt to mid layer so the coco has what it needs.

    I was hoping they would bounce back with the healthy new nuts, but sigh they just look worse :-/

    I will go buy a digital PH meter so I know I'm as close as possible to 6.2 as I can. right now I use the kit with the drops.

    Some plants in the tent; Bubba Kush, Strawberry cough and GDP seem to be doing better, but the White Russians and Mystery Strains are suffering.
  9. yeah i believe that was the case, damn bro i feel for you. must be extremely frustrating. do u use macro nutrients?
  10. macro nuts? none I think. Unless the Clearwater brand puts it in there, but I doubt it.

    Yeah, It's been a constantly frustrating week. you open that tent every morning to hope your efforts from the night before meant anything, and it looks like they don't. Well tomo is feed day with tea bubbling for over 48 hours :-D there should be enough micro macro anykinda-ro nuts and bacteria. Fingers Crossed.
  11. i hope everything goes well for you, never give up, i have high hopes for you. keep me informed. i would like to know how your plants are doing, the outcomes, and how you fixed them :)
  12. ClonesNgrows You might have had the answer. I went to the store today and bought a PH kit brand new, and i was Ph'ing at 4.0 !!!! >.<!!!!! I guess the Vile i had was from an old PH kit that my buddy was using on his veg grow. when he moved he took some stuff and I guess the wrong vile to PH test with. So.. I was PHing terribly incorrectly the whole time, but I guess you dont see that 100% till the plants in flower and NEEDS proper nuts.

    Today I watered with
    850ppm Organic Tea in 6.0 ph water. This time there should be a comeback!
  13. "but I guess you dont see that 100% till the plants in flower and NEEDS proper nuts." this sounded terribly ignorant lol. I meant it by the PH Lockout wouldn't be noticed 100% till the flower is needing P & K.

    Of course the plant always needs proper nuts :)
  14. glad you caught that!!

    I used a drop kit to PH for a while, and had constant problems. When I got my Hannah I compared them and the drop kit was reading way off. I think they get contaminated and in time it screws it up. I hope your plants bounce back fast, they're gonna be happy now.
  15. I hope so too! Yeah I want to buy that $99 TDS & PH waterproof reader, but in due time lol. I'll post pictures in the following days!
  16. NICE, Glad i could help bro, nute lock is a bitch, especially during flowering, haha. THe plant need that phosphorus and Potassium. Keep posting the outcomes, i wanna see the end result. You can message me with your progress. Bet your not nearly as stressed now. haha. Ohhh, its a good idea to keep a litmus test kit handy at all times, just in case you suspect inaccurate reading. Litmus paper pH test kits dont lie, although they are not as accurate! I learned this in my organic chemistry lab in college, saved my ass a few times!
    let me know bro!! :)

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