Week 5 into flowering of 9.5

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    Hey all Insane Smokes here again listen would an experienced grower look at theses pics and tell me if they think the buds are going to get any bigger? :confused:

    Also I have been doing some reading up on unsulphured molasses for the last 2-4 weeks of flowering ; I know its 1 tablespon per gal. that part I got my question is if the molasses are properly mixed it should cause to many probs in my hydro sys. as the roots are constantly in the solution right?

    Alao is there another way to know exactly when it is time to harvest as i dont have a 30x magnigfying glass to look the trichomes properly.

    :confused::confused::confused: and flushing during the last two weeks i have rad the grow bible and am confused are they saying just put straight water into the hydro sys. for the last two weeks with no nutes and no ph adjustments only molasses ; the lack of nutes isnt going to hurt my baby is it? and the ph being to high wont cause a prob in the last two weeks.


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  2. Yeah the buds wil get way bigger:hello: I have never used mollases in a hydro system only soil. Im only an itermediate hydro grower so i stay chem only. I would ph the water though for the flush:) When you thinks its done wait 3 more days:p Most plants will be done at 9.5 to 10 weeks:)
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    Run ph balanced water for the last two weeks. The leaves will start to yellow heavily, this is a good sign. It means that the nutrients are being flushed out properly and the ladies now have a "deficiency." This will improve the smoothness of the smoke.

    I believe the buds will swell more in the next few weeks. Also, 48 hours or so of darkness before the harvest will do the buds some good as well.

    They look healthy thus far. What strain(s)?

  4. you can pick up a 30x scope from radio shack for around $10...but like the Dr said flush with ph'd water the last 2 weeks, Im not sold on the whole 48hrs of darkness myself...but many do it, I just have never seen a increase in production from it.
  5. radio shack stopped selling those mags i read today
  6. dont actually know what the strain is ; I do know it was some really good sensi when I bought it that is why i thought i would try to grow some . going to upgrade to some indoor bubblegum or blueberry when i can figure out how to order the seeds safe and securely

    Insane Smokes
  7. highgrade is secure...i had no problem

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