week 5 into flowering and no signs of budding

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  1. I am almost into week 6 of flowering, my Blue Mystic is showing great signs of budding while my Snow White isnt even starting to show bud. Light green leaves coming out but no buds and very little female pistils coming out. I am using a 400W HPS Light. Mylar around the plants, hydro with Cal Mag, Liquid karma, Pure Bloom, Aqua Shield, Tonic, and a Bloom Stiumulator, and still it isnt doing anything. Should i simplify it to just straight Pure Bloom and liquid karma and calmag? I know i need to be using tonic because it is RO Water to re-mineralize the water. I just dont see what i am doing wrong. Or is the Snow White just not goingg to flower under a 400 watt? Ive put a ton of money into this set and really not pleased with what ive been seeing :/.
  2. Some flower sooner than others.
    Are you on 12 on 12 off?
    Is there a light leak? You need total darkness to start flowering not nutes.

    I have a northern lights and a White widow grow going now.
    I'm 2 weeks into 12\12 and the NL is getting hairy, the WW has shown no sex yet.
  3. Shit. well i think fucking with it when the lights are off could be doing it. Son of a bitch. Newb mistake. thanks. and yes, 12/12 is my cycle right now, only using a 400watter
  4. Yep I learned the hard way on first grow my fem seeds turned out hermi do to light leak now I veg in a separate closet and flower in a 4x4x7 grow tent that I picked up for cheap.

  5. yeah you need to seal up all the leaks and dont open your flower room at all durring the off period.
  6. If you need to do night cycle work, buy a green light of sort, I plan on buying a 20 dollar head band lantern type led light from energizer at my local walmart, it has red green and white light but I only need the green, the plants dont react to green light like they do to other spectrum's.
  7. Just set your cycles to when you are home to work it.
    In the summer, I have my veg cycle at night to fight the heat.

    It dont have to be according to when the sun is up, you control the sun.

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