week 4 of flower. How do my buds look?

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  1. So, I feel my buds are going good, but i think they might be a little small. i have 4 plants; It is week 4 they are just starting to get smelly. I got hydroponic setup with aqua flores at 90% nute. 1000 watt light for a 32x32 tent. 
    please enjoy my PICS!!!


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  2. Do you know the strain? If it's a sativa it will possibly take longer to flower. Yours are looking fine though, mine are 4 weeks into flower aswell, I am using Fox Farms, out door, and hydro aswell. 
    scan scan.jpg
    scan scan fav.jpg
    scan scan3.jpg
    scan scan2.jpg
  3. see dude you look like you got some fat buds!
    i have g13 labs cheese and blueberry gum. 
  4. Looks good to me. Soon they'll get real frosty.
  5. Just talking out my ass here but im assuming bigger plants make bigger buds. His plants are bigger.

    Yours still have a bit of puffing up to do that I know.

    My buds are tiny as fuck and my plant is a foot tall so I figure if it were bigger so to would the buds.

    Im a first timer so I could just be terrible lol
  6. Looking good they swell a lot in the last weeks. I'm sure you have seen this but here. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1413384489.843579.jpg

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