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  1. Hi guys

    This is my first time growing. After all the research I finally decided to invest in seeds and give it a go. My first trip to the Dam saw me return with a few skunk seeds from sensi. No idea as yet what they are ( m or F ), but have 4 good strong plants at 4 wks and 2 seedings and 1.5 wks. I am in the process of building a summerhouse so they will live outside soon.

    The thing is.........Having never really had grass before, (except at the dam), and bearing in mind how much shit is put into hash to bind and make it weigh more. I was wondering if the potency of a male plant is on level with the stuff that you would normally smoke in hash format if mixed with the bud from a female. In other words, if some of the plants turn out to be male (good chance of it), should I go ahead and let them dry out and use them with some of the female buds and plant matter to make hash? It just seems like such a waste of a plant that does contain THC although granted not the same potency as the female. Also when peaple refer to some hash as pollen are they refferring to the male plant pollen or something else entirely.

    Sorry no pics yet but I'm working on it.
  2. These are not my own words (from cannibis grow bible): In general, the male plant is considered inferior. Male plants from some strains can produce more THC or be more potent than females from weaker strains. Males can also be smoked or made into hash oil. Simply wait until the plant shows its sex during the flowering stage of the life cycle, and then clip the top 6 to 12 inches of the male plant away and remove the leaves.

    It is possible to make good hash from the males I guess, try it if you'd like but I'd rather have some good sensimilla and not worry about the males and just kill 'em.
  3. hey gorgeousgoldie ... first off errm Welcome to the city ... It would appear from other threads that not many people know the kind of hash you are talking about , but no the soap you get hold of will be stronger than the male plant.. you can dry the male plant to make hash but if you only have the one room then when you first see the sign of any male plants you want to get them out of there .. and so the male doesnt really mature much therefore you dont get a great deal of thc from the male plant.. congrats on the 6 plants you have growing btw .. errm i notice you said you was planning on them being outside?? Scotland isnt the brightest or warmest place huh .. i guess sidious would be the one to talk to about that.. ive had some of that pollen slate stuff and thought it was alright but i have no idea whats in it lol.. Anyway have fun growing and i hope everything turns out well ... If you have any questions then put them up n im sure people will answer
  4. Thanks for the quick response and input guys, much appreciated. Not like you can have these conversations anywhere else ha ha. Yes Scotland is not exactly warm and sunny per say, but I am erecting a 12 x 9 summerhouse in the back garden and plan to wire it up (for extra light), although I have to say that as I am south facing I get a really good amount of direct sunshine. Still have the plants in the house though and they are looking lovely. Too young to sex and not ready to pre-flower yet. A bit too nervous of ruining my babies.

    The summerhouse division is all glass in the front and glass down one side to allow for full sun penetration, not worth glassing the other sides as they get next to no sun and the back borders my neighbour( no prying eyes please). Because of the depth I plan on painting the interior white and erecting a tri curtain ( white - black - white), halfway down the center using a wooden skirt to and bottom with velcro attachments to ensure complete darkness/light obscurity. The plan is that you will not realise that there is a curtain there at all (from a distance), and I will be able to set up the back area as a flowering / drying room as well as being able to continue growth in there once the summer is over. The front half of the roof will be glass and the back will be wood to allow for the 12 hr darkness that the ladies need. The glass on the roof and the side is frosted and I plan to use white voile on the front so the light will be pretty clear but visually you should not be able to determine what is growing. The front aspect is also a side garden view which means that you would have to be in my garden or using a telescope to see what is growing hence the voile. I will be adding two vents with carbon filters (for the smell), to allow an air flow as well as a daily vent via the one opening window. I don't know if I will also need a fan but I have one if the heat build up is too severe.

    Anyway, if you have any further ideas for me before i erect the structure next week, please let me know. I could use the advice.

  5. That sounds like a pretty dope set up man.

    I really like the idea of having them in a little greenhouse kind of thing, thatd be great if I could have something like that. Im excited to see how this grow turns out, good luck...grow them girls nice and full. peace
  6. SENSIMILLA = death to males you dont want those balls hanging around for to long.

    cannabuttter is always fun with the male plants.

    ohh and good luck, and have fun along the way.

  7. Thanks for the goodwill guys.

    Got the wood and boards and already have the glass so constuction starts next week.

    My neighbours were getting new windows so, I must have the only "growhouse", in Scotland that is double glazed ha ha.

    Anyway, will come back on next week (hopefully, I will have pics by then), and let you guys know how constuction is coming along.

    Have a great weekend and chill.

  8. you have a fantastic opportunity to grow some amazing plants with a purpose
    built growroom and double glazing will save you a fortune in winter heating costs.
    i like your style :D

    good luck with your plans and i hope the weather stays good for you....
  9. Hiya GG (its too long to type!)

    Another fellow Scot in the City, good to see you.
    Hope all works out well with the grow house, get some pics up when you can.

    I think the Pollen thing is a bit of an urban-myth. In Amsterdam you can buy hash called Poln - it doesn't need any burning and you just crumble it from the block. I've been offered 'pollen' here (Scotland) which has just been decent slate, but they call it pollen and charge extra for it !

    Happy growing...........

  10. Thanks for that Polski and for the welcome, as you say good to see a fellow Scot.

    Having to enforce a slight delay on the build due to the high winds and generally shitty weather we have been getting. In saying that, I set up a coldframe of sorts today as a temporary measure just to get the kids outside in the sun. They all loved it and are looking good.

    As you know I am a little dubious of pre-flowering for sexing purposes at the moment however I do have a question regarding this. You're help would be appreciated guys.

    The question is: pre sexing. Is it possible to take a calculated guess as to the sex via the smell given off by each plant. You may think I am crazy but of the four plants that are now a foot tall(wheh hey), three of them have a very recognisable odour coming from them and one does not. In other words, three have a very nice mj scent happening, whereas one does not. Coincidentally the one that doesn't is taller and slightly less leafy. Could it be that I may have three ladies recognisable by smell alone? I realise that I will not know for certain until I flower them but it is definately a good sign of potential potency I believe which , lets face it, you really only get with the girls. Just a thought. Would be interested to see what you think.

    My two new babies are also coming on a treat and today I buried them up to the bottom starter leaves as they had reached a good height. Tried the banana leaf trick with them to help with feminisation. Will let you know if it worked when they are larger. By then I should have got over my fear of pre-flowering.

    I am about to photograph them and attempt to upload so you can see my kids. Wish me luck, this computer photo transfer lark is proving more complicated than raising the kids ha ha.

    Speak to you all later.

    Happy Growing

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