Week 4 of Chronic Strain

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    Hey Everyone!!

    I love these forums they have been very helpful.

    I am in Day 1 of week 4 of flowering, and i am just looking for some input on my grow. I have never grown before and this is my first attempt.

    I had great success cloning some cuttings a friend gave me. out of 41 clippings i had, 39 surrvived. 2 were kept to veg into mothers, and the other 37 were rooted and transplanted into red cups after 10 days to root in a Mondi propagation dome. i used Root Max to root them, and then the regular routine of misting them until i transplanted.

    I veged for 2 weeks and in day 10 i had a small magnesse or calcium deficentcy (not sure 100%) and then used cal-mag to clear it up. the roots were beautiful when i transplanted.

    the girls are in 8" pots and thriving! i water/feed every 3rd day unless they feel light to pick up, then i water a day early, or a day late if they feel heavy still. i water with water only every 3rd water. Buds started at beginning of week 3 and im getting excited. So now i am just keeping things going like i have. the only thing is my room gets hot. right now i have been able to keep it down to 82 but if its humid/hot outside my temp is 85ish. once the hot weather stops my air intake will be cooler thus cooling room somewhat. humidity in room 50-60%

    i have a combo AC/dehumidifier/fan that i use as an AC to keep temps down, unfortunatly the compressor is going on it so it doesnt stay on too long. once i save some money i will replace the unit and have optimal temps.

    Grow Room Stats
    • 8'Wx6'Lx6'H
    • White/Black plastic lines whole room (white to the room of course)
    • 2 1000w HPS lights
    • 1 carbon filter can
    • 1 350cfm inline fan for exhaust
    • 1 oscilating fan
    • 1 AC/Dehumidifier/Fan unit to control temp.

    Veg Rooms Stats
    4foot 400w t-5 flourecent light for my veg room.
    50cfm exhaust to create negative pressure (dont want smell going into the house from either room!)

    so here are some pics as of day1 week 4.

    the strain is serious seeds Chronic

    please leave feedback and let me know how im doing or any suggestions!!!


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  2. Wow beautiful man! those ladies are going to treat you well. Good job hope you enjoy
  3. Looking good, are you going to start using any boost?
  4. looking good man... im also on week 4 , wiht some holy grail kush and jack herer ... cant fuckin wait
  5. i use a whole range of nutes recommended from a friend.

    Advanced Nutrients:
    sensi bloom A+B
    big bud

    and a bloom enhancer (1st time yesterday) cant remember the name but its not AN brand
  6. Your grow room specs, is that just your flower room or total? How big is each room and what separates them?
  7. Great looking grow for your first attempt. I'm impressed.
    As to your temps...I prefer room temps a little over 80 deg.

  8. thats just my flower room, my veg room is the same size, and i have a 2x4 wall lined with plastic separating them. i also framed in a door in the wall.

  9. thank you. i have read quite a bit over the last few years.... just never had a good opportunity to do it.
    as for room temp, ya everything seems to be doing just fine, i have just read over and over that optimal temperature is around 75 degrees....

    we\ll see what happens though :D
  10. Sweet Looking Ladies. They are going to be crazy big. How far are the Lights from the top of the canopy? Air cooled Hoods? Super Grow im subbed.
  11. [quote name='"hillbilly jim"']Sweet Looking Ladies. They are going to be crazy big. How far are the Lights from the top of the canopy? Air cooled Hoods? Super Grow im subbed.[/quote]

    Abot 22-24 inches away. They are passively cooled from outside air.

    Ill update the pics every week I think
  12. well, week 5 started yesterday. looks like I had either calcium or magnesium deficiency in about 7 of my girls. the leaves were going a rust colour and also yellow and mottled. I figured it's because I gave them no nutes one time, then half nutes, and by then there was a deficiency. I gave them full nutes the last tw/o feedings and it is under control now but the damaged rust looking leaves will not repair. should I cut them off or leave them?

    pics to come when the lights go back on. other than that they all look healthy again.

  13. as promised, here are the pics. notice i took a couple pics of the plants with the deficiency. i think it was calcium/magnesium deficency, what do you all think?

    i also included a few pics of the two mothers i kept for the next batch of ladies. they were cloned at the same time as the flowering girls. quite bushy and healthy looking :)

    as always, comments and questions are welcome, since this is the whole reason i started this thread :p

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  14. looks good but the 4th Picture is Potassium deficiency could be the difference between huge fat nuggest and small whispy buds ;) other then that Looking very healthy =D good job m8
  15. potassium deficiency you think?

    I'm gonna look that up right now :)

    thanks mate
  16. I'm not sure but I don't think it's potassium deficiency. I cannot find any pics online that look like my leaves.

    can anyone help me out?

    oh and the next time I water I will give just phone corrected (6.7) tap water. last two times I watered I gave full nutes.

    odor do I just keep giving nutes? I don't think they have note burn or an overabundance of nutes...hmmm what to do
  17. ....and by phone corrected I meant ph corrected, i got auto corrected and didn't notice lol.

    the ladies are making a recovery inc nicely, I gave them a 2/3 batch of nuses because I have to buy more. The damaged leaves have recovered as much as they are going to recover and everything else looks great.
  18. Starting of week 6:

    this past week i watered the ladies with 2L od clean, ph corrected water of 6.7. my usual watering is with a nutrient solution and about 1-1.5L of water every 2 days. i also took out the AC unit and replaced it with another oscilating fan.

    that means i have two fans now, and no AC unit. despite the no AC, i reworked my flexible duct and now have it pushing air from the carbon filter through the air cooled reflectors for the lights. i found that i have pretty much the same max temeratures as before (85 degrees) but now with more room to work and less power being used.

    I also rigged up a 20mm PC fan to plug into the wall, which i stuck in the intake duct work so that my passive intake has a little fan pulling some fresh air in. i found that so far everything is working quite well.

    i also stuck little wooden dowels in the pots and tied the girls to them so they wouldnt fall over because of the weight of the buds :D

    this week i will resume my nute schedule, but probably 1/2 nutes the first time, and then back to full if everything is fine.

    Here are some pics for day 1 of week 6. sorry about a couple of them, the flash went off and changed the colour of the pics..

    as always, any comments, questions, are welcome, thats the whole reason i started this thread. i enjoy discussion, this thread isnt for bragging.

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  19. tough crowd lol
  20. good job with those juicy nugs:D

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