Week 4 in veg comments please

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Bcherbs, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. tell me what you guys think

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  2. that looks great man. keep it up
  3. indeed very good !!!

    you might want to vegetate more !

    ..and later think about a transplanting into a bigger pots for 12/12 period,

    good work keep posting ur work, im very looking forward to see how will continue.
  4. what are they? Ive seen these pics on another forum.
  5. sweet op! nice numbers! whats the strain?
  6. i forget the name my friend who gave me the mothers has a weird name but i smoked some already from his and it was killer going to flip them starting to night and start them on Co2 and flash up another 1000watt hps to space them out more
  7. and trust me u have not seen these pics anywhere else took the with my digital and only ahve posted them here
  8. Lookn sweet! Keep up the good work, you should get a pretty big harvest from this type of setup. Keep us posted.:smoke:
  9. yeah i post every sunday it is a weekly thing i rilly want to see how they take to the Co2
  10. Nice! I'll be checking in. They should love the co2, mine do. :)
  11. looking nice Bcherbs

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