Week 4 flower heat damage

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  1. My plants were exposed to a few weeks of 85 plus degree temps and about 60 to 70 percent humidity before I pulled em out of the garage into the ac. Bud growth seems to be at a standstill even though I have nursed them back to health. Any pointers on ways to stimulate growth to fatten the buds up?

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  2. Just carry on as normal.
    Extremes in temperature and humidity can slow growth.
    Now that you have it under control, you should be fine.
    The plants will recover on their own, but they will take longer to finish.
  3. That's seems to be the answer I'm getting everywhere man. Thanks for the response. I just would hate to have them shit the bed on me these last few weeks before harvest. How do they look for mid week 4?
  4. Depends on the strain. Some bud out quicker than others.
    Just keep your strict 12/12 and be patient. They'll get there.
  5. Ok sweet, thanks bro

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