Week 4-5 of flowering, have a few questions

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  1. Alright so I have my plants in flower right now, its going to be 5 weeks this friday, but I have a question ... I am doing a SOG grow in 2L pop bottles in a 4x3 grow box, so I have I think 60 plants crammed in there for a single cola grow which is gorwn in promix.\

    I am feeding advanced nutrients sensi bloom AB along with AN bud candy and AN big bud.
    I am currently feeding them nutes every week following the advanced nutrients feeding guide BUT I have a question, since I am growing smaller clones in a 2L bottle with very little veg after transplanting, should I even be getting up to 100% nutes? I worked my way up to 75% nutes and I think it may be a tad bit much ... So right now I usually feed every tuesday, should I skip a week and feed it water? The plants are growing a tad slow (i think) so it will probably take 9 weeks for harvest, (Northern lights, indica dominant).

    Also I notice when I water, from what Ive read I water it until about 20% comes out of the bottom, but this is enough water to probably last 5 days... and I water onec every 7 days, so by day 7 the soil is pretty dry but a few of the slower growing plants still retain some moisture so I cant exactly feed water every other feeding ... is it good to just feed it onec a week and use nutes every time ? I feel like there may be lots of salt build up?

    A few other issues, I checked on my plants the other day and all of the leaves by the top cola were pointing UP at probably a 50-80 degree angle sorta like the "touch down" call from referees in football , what does this indicate?

    But I ALSO have a few plants that had a few leaves curl DOWN, like a claw, but no symptoms of nute burn existed ... any one have any ideas for this?

    And for temperature , my temps are constant at about 88-89F , is this too high? Am I at the point where it may be too hot that it will affect growth of my plants?

    Sorry for so many questions, I didnt wanan clutter the forums which each individual question so I did tons of searching but I couldnt find DEFINITE answers, so any help is appreciated!!!

    ps on side note, my clones were about 4-6" when I transplanted them, vegged them for about 5 days to see if they could grow to about 8" but I didnt see much, so I flowered them and well .... even though theyre an indica dominant plant , my plants have stretched to over 35"!!! 5-6x the stretch!! So dont underestimate your grow box guys! I learned the hard way and had to raise the top 2 weeks back.

    Anyways thanks in advanced for any help, I can post pics if you guys want ! That includes some bud porn! But they seem rather underdeveloped from what I can compare to pics online!
  2. at the beginning of week 5 is when you want to use a pk booster. remember to cut back on your base nutes so you don't burn them. yeah, the a.n. nute calc. is a bit on the strong side. you can tell when you're feeding a little hot by the leaf tips. when you see them browning, back off a couple hundred ppm. in soil, most folks feed once a week, and plain ph'd water in between if they dry up. it's a good thing to let them dry up a bit. allows air to the roots, which is very important. the leaves reaching upward means they are happy! it's a good thing. the leaves displaying the claw, usually means a ph issue, but can sometimes mean too much nitrogen. 88/89 temps. are a bit high. you can get away with higher temps. if you're using co2. high temps. can really effect your yield. the buds look great, but when you're done curing, the weight isn't there. they get airy/fluffy with no weight. yeah, i use to veg until the plants were 12", but sometimes the stretch in flower can surprise you. i end up tying down or pinching the stem when they get too big.
  3. so lets see here
    1. yes go 100% nutes. doesnt matter the size of the plant
    2. 10-20% runoff is good but there are so many factors that count into how often you have to water. soil? temps? humd? etc etc..
    3. leaves point up like that usually indicate you light is too far away. and or temps are to high. get your light closer.
    4. you are flowering right now right? the claw during flower most of the time means too much nitrogen. stop giving them grow nutes
    5. some plants dont mind hot and some do. just play it safe and get your temps down. atleast to 80-85

  4. contrar pierre! when the light is too far away the plant stretch, and the internodal spacing gets huge.
  5. First of all, thanks to both of you guys for replying, I honestly wasnt sure if i was even going to get a reply or get all of my questions answered but gladly you guys came through. So again thanks! :D

    As for the pk booster, from advanced nutrients, they have a product called overdrive, this is the 5th week, they tell you to cut the big bud and use the overdrive, is this even recommended? I dont wan tto spend so much $ on nutes, so I didnt get it but I did read that I can just continue my big bud until flush if i decide against the overdrive? Does this make sense?

    Also my plant tips DO have a slight brown tip but its only the tip, didnt progress any more than that.. it didnt look like crazy nute burn im use to seeing on the forums from beginners, would this still be nute burn? Or could it be a sign of a deficiency?

    2.At the moment my temps are a constant 31deg C (~88-89F), with humidity reaching as high as 70-80% after watering (run off water in the box) but I do have a dehumidifier so I can drop it down to as low as 30-40%..

    4. This is weird because since they were clones, I only got them rooted, with water, transplanted with water and the first actual feed was ONLY bloom nutes and bloom additives, cut the superthrive and anything nitrogen related ... so its a little weird that its a nitrogen issue. Also the soil is promix, which apparantly buffers your PH but also my nutes buffer the ph to the right level too. The only thing I can think of is my Promix bh has some basic nutrients in the soil ? I know fox farms soils does .. so that may be my problem.

    ALSO Ill post some pics tonight .. cant wait to see my buds getting larger in size , so far from what I see at about 4.5 weeks is a little depressing compared to what I see in pics of other grows ..........BUT i still have hope :p:p
  6. if your tips are brown, you're just a tad too hot. i usually have that and don't mind. but i wouldn't go any stronger. as for the pk booster, it's not absolutely necessary. if you don't have it don't sweat it, they'll do fine w/o it.
  7. ^ Thanks, one last quick question, my last feed consisted of 75% bloom nutes, 50% big bud, and 100% bud candy (read its just an additive and doesnt really raise your ppm?) .. and it resulted in a bit brown tips..

    I will be watering tomorrow night with an increasing step, so 100% bloom nutes, 75% big bud, and 100% bud candy. should I back down a bit considering my last feeding was a bit hot like you said or should I have it the same as last time
  8. Here is the curled leaves im talking aobut, this one is a bit more sever .. I am thinking its due to strong nutes?

  9. i saw a bit of the claw. usually ph, or too much n in flower. if it were nutes too strong, you get leaf burn.

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