Week 3 seedling issues

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  1. Hello everyone,
    My seedlings are slowly turning light green from the inner leaf towards the tip. I’m confused about what deficiency are going on. Someone please let me know what I can do to correct this.

    Brief description on what I’m doing.
    Used Random seeds to practice before I actually use my feminized seeds. But this is day 21.
    Just transplanted the one seedling into the one gallon smart pot Yesterday.
    Been watering with pH 5.6-6.4 since germination stage About every other day
    Since I am using Big City Hydro Coco Coir I have been giving nutes after the first week (emerald harvest Cali pro grow A & B) giving them half strength so I wouldn’t send them to shock.
    600watt LED light about 20” away (initially started 30 inches away but was getting stunt growth so moved it one inch closer everyday until I got got 18 inches.
    The weather has been crazy high (100 degrees Fahrenheit)
    Do to financial hardships I cannot afford a good thermostat. I have two fans in the tent so the air is consistently moving. W/ exhaust vent as well.
    Besides my temps fluctuating from 70-100 degrees with 45-70% humidity what else precautions or constructive criticism everyone can provide is greatly appreciated.
    I got some runoff water and flushed from the seedlings in the aluminum tray so those look heavily watered.
    Please let me know if any other information is necessary (don’t have a ppm meter)

    upload_2019-7-18_10-30-54.jpeg upload_2019-7-18_10-31-23.jpeg
    First time grower ever so I’m not expecting high yield or Grade A smoke but learning to appreciate the herb for what she is. And correcting any wrongs for future grows.
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  2. They only look a few days old - not 3 weeks.
    Consider adding 30% perlite to your mix when you transplant. More aeration = more oxygen to the roots = fast growth.
    I feed 1/4 strength nutes every day from sprout to run off. They look hungry to me.
    These plants are 3 weeks from sprout for a comparison. Good luck and welcome to GC. :)
    21 days old.JPG
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  3. Thank you. I will get some perlite today. And up date you in a couple days. If things get better or worse.
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