Week 3 questions and pics

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  1. Hey everyone Thanks for taking the to give me your opinions. These are my 2 plants currently around 3/4 weeks from sprouting.one is a green crack auto which is looking really odd and the other is a jack herer looking kinds short? Anyways I don't know much I'm very green to this, all I can say is they are in a root farm poting soil I use ph down to bring my water around 6.5 but my soil ph is not where it should be according to the meter. I've added very very minimal amount of nutrients (attached photo) to the last 2 waterings. I've kept them on a 24hr cycle until yesterday I did a 18-6 and currently have that in a timer setting. Also attached is a photo of the led light nothing fancy. They are currently in a small grow box as I await a 4x4 tent. Please any guidance and advice is appreciated. 15612367295871307716593.jpg 1561236794788879539435.jpg 1561236894961792246751.jpg 1561236927732867958116.jpg 15612369740021973791617.jpg 15612370122451898200275.jpg 1561237083774875811419.jpg 1561237140250252458296.jpg
  2. you need to take pictures under natural light
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  3. The first 3 photos are the Jack herer the next following are of the auto green crack. 1561238201529402718845.jpg 15612379723052049573740.jpg 15612380091451863157429.jpg 1561238024091830231362.jpg 1561238074686977530834.jpg 15612381735701265523174.jpg 15612381880591272769611.jpg
  4. They look pretty damn dry imo

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  5. I've been on this idea that I had been over watering but maybe not..

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