Week 3 of flowering, can I have a little trim?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Green magic, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. Afternoon all,

    As the title suggests, I'm wondering if I can trim off some of the foliage in and around the centre? It's my first grow and everything has gone as well as I could of hoped for

    Thanks for any advise

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  2. My day on my first grow is YES I had a friend come over last night I never knew grew and she plucked off like half the fan leaves.... makes sense to get light to where he Colas want to grow... there is a whole group of people on this subject either YES or NO but I think yes as she has shot right up in just a day
  3. I'm half drunk - so what I said still stands. But the spelling does not lol
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  4. Haha nice drunken advise, cheers for your input

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  6. She got some nice curves going on there :)
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  7. Go procure 3 or 4 months worth. Leave that plant alone. Everything it makes is for later. Bigger buds or trash, it ain't ready. You will find yourself chipping away and picking early and not flushing and consuming chlorophyll. All moves towards early consumption diminish your return.
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  8. I used to take fan leaves off but then I thought why the heck would they be there of they didnt serve a well enough purpose. There are also plenty of people who grow fat ass buds with no defoliation

    I pick leaves when they look sickly or only have three fingers or when bugs eat half of one.

    For buds to be exposed to sunlight I use lst and whatever little dinky buds that cant reach direct light in a couple weeks get ripped from the base

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  9. Hi TJ,

    So you're saying to leave the plants alone now then? Ive heard its good to leave excess foliage incase of problems down the line, the plants will use the fan leafs for repair!?
  10. Thanks for the reply Ogmarcus. As this is a new hobby for me I'm learning on the job. I thought the scrog net i installed was going to have things looking as i expected. It doesn't lol Having watched some You Tube vids on SCROGs I've realised my mistakes. Enjoying the research as much as watching the plants grow
  11. Who trims plant in woods? Only remove leaves for light management. Plant uses leave for material to build buds which have trichome concentrations which is what we crave. We are not growing stems and stalks those are just other byproducts.
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  12. If your growing indoor in a controlled environment I've heard it helps to trim certain places of the plant. I.E undergrowth that gets no light exposure and so on. Plants grown outdoor need the excess foliage for exactly what you said. "Repair" in case of bug infestation disease mold or whatever the fuck else might happen to that thing lol

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  13. Yes you can. Don't get carried away

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  14. Cheers for the info mate, yeah being in the tent I've had no issues with pests or environment, its been great. Ive pulled and tied the main stems away from the center this evening, so the middle is opened up a lot now. I kept the bottom 5" clear of stems, the central mess was my concerns. I shall leave them alone

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