Week 3 day 21* 4x4 600w XXXL hoods

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  1. Been using a mix of mushroom compost, perlite, peat moss and black gold top soil mix

    They started under a 600w LED (285) actual .. then 250hps added
    Biggest is 3 months in veg topped like 10times
    Others are mix of clones and seeds I found in buds in the past
    Now under 1000w digital dimmable ballasts 8" XXXL HOODS
    Temps are 80 during lights on and 72 when off . Been running at 600 w waiting for hyper fan to come in and then will run 1000 on them with an LED from the side to get some more spectrum

    I think they look pretty damn good compared to my last grow

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  2. Looking tip top bro, nice job, temp could do with dropping a couple deg, bit hot that, should be all good when your hyper gets on them!, happy growing!
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  3. Sorry took me so long to reply but got temps down to 80 when lights on and 72 still at lights off I raised the light a bit till I get a light ventilation system

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  4. They all look nice man, if you get into topping plants also try supercropping.
    You may even want to consider doing a scrog grow at some stage if you can be bothered to make a screen for your plants. The more you top and supercrop under scrog screen the more bud you will get depending on strain.
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  5. [​IMG]
    Update week 5 plus 3 days they all are fucked

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