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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by DuTaz, Dec 17, 2002.

  1. I have been growing the plants under a 400 HPS 24 hours a day.

    the pictures im uploading today are day 7th and as you can see they are looking great

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  2. Picture 2

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  3. looking good!
  4. This day 10 1 of 3

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  5. Picture 2 0f 3

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  6. this is the last one of day 10

    I will post more as the plant grows


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  7. Your doing a good job and im sure your a very happy camper
  8. i just want everyone to know that the plants are doing great i will take some pictures as soon as i can

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  9. Should be getting quite big now? how many days?
    let's see those pics soon!
    good luck
  10. did you work with clones or with seed,

    when you work with clones you`re doing a verry bad thing.
    with seed i`ts all right bud what kind og seed toy toke,
    and when do you think to start nutricion, and do you work with two fans to controle youre climate.
    i advise 400 m3 an our in and out,
    this with a fan controller must give you 500/600 gram per square meter in 10 weeks with the right nutricion (advise bio nova,
    start with rooth stimulator, this is the first water turn, after a bout 3 weeks you start with bn supermix an bn xcel, after 2 times you give bn enzymen,then bn supermix week 6 give a pk 13-14 treath ( on the bottle they say all the way but this is for the beginner not the right choice)

    good luck
  11. Im really want to take some pictures but I lent out my camera and have not got it back yet. I will tell you how my plants are doing.
    I have 12 plants going very strong they are 25 days old and have lots of leaves on them and are a good 8in tall and the leaves are about 4in wide now

    Can't wait when they hit 12in tall im going to put them into flowering 12/12 then the fun will start
  13. Hey Dutaz how are you doing man? I'm writing this whilst pissed so please excuse any bad spelling. How are the babies doing and can you get any new pictures up yet, i bet they muct be at least 12 inches by now. Well peace man and i will speak to you later

    - Stytchiz

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