week 15 flowering ^ baby is not ready yet

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  1. how long more! why they r taking soo long! there is no amber Trichomes yet.. and the buds are getting bigger and biger every day..

    its almost 50% clear and 50% cloudy.. i belive 1 week more and they r ready

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  2. Looking delicious my friend. Once those trichomes appear those ladies will be one fantastic smoke. What strain is it?
  3. looks like they've been through a bit of stress, which can lengthen the maturation period. other than that, genetics plays a big role in flowering time.
  4. damn looks like a a nice yield man! clue us in on what strain u got there
  5. make sure you're looking at those trichs with a 30x or better.

    You cant tell they're amber through a 10x, learned that the hard way myself.

    15 weeks is a fuck long time for flower. So I haz a confused.
  6. yea i no 15 week is too much.. she was 4 weeks in vigg. and 3 weeks to show sex in 12/12.. so maybe 12 weeks flowering.. anyhow the longer it take the more u get

  7. if you flower for too long (past the plants natural life cycle) there is a chance that you could start to lose bud potency, be careful.
  8. ops sorry i forget to mention the strain its Caramelicious.. Type : Indica/sativa.. THC level : good 17 - 20%
  9. Looks like you started letting it get deficient to early, so the leaves died back is it pulled the phosphorus out to make more bud. Watch it carefully. You don't have much leaf left to keep the plant alive.

    I don't know if that's something to be concerned about with only a little time left.
  10. so shall i cut her down now, or its okay i can wait till the cristals get amber:confused:

  11. how could i loss potency if the cristals didnt get amber!! pls explain
  12. I dont understand whats going on with your plant. Is this normal at all?

    I want to tell you that on my first grow, I let mine go and go for a couple weeks because they did not appear amber. But when I pulled some off and got a real good clear view, they were at least 70% amber, very lightly tinted, but amber nonetheless. I harvested, it was great, the rest is history.
  13. My guess is that you're interpreting what you're seeing under the microscope incorrectly. Are you sure that you're looking at the heads of the stalked glandular trichomes on the flowers? And that you're looking for the right thing? The blood-red head only happens sometimes. Most of the time you see patches of light amber.

    I would pull them now, and inspect them carefully with the microscope. Be sure to look at various buds and various locations. If you're always looking at the growing tips, you'll be growing these plants til you die.
  14. yea i dont mind keep growing them if the buds keep growing. i dont think its late 50% of the trichomes are clear!!
  15. i would chop chop that sucker right now
  16. hey id chop that plant if i was u 15 weeks for flowering is so long
  17. I am very colorblind so I used a method I found on here somewhere and it worked out great. At soon as the hairs started pulling back in I started to flush and cut 10 days later.
  18. alrite lads, i cant go against all of you.. ill give her 3 days of dankness then chop her..

    thanks guys:smoke:
  19. You mentioned you are using 12/12, but those buds look like ones I've seen grown in 13 light / 11 dark. What light are you using?
  20. The lack of leaves could be y your cycle takin longer,also not all trichomes are amber they can be transparent and be maxed out.Bein that its a indica hybrid theres no way it should still be alive

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