Week 10 currently. Clear Trichs. Family coming Aug 31?!

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  1. Ok so IM going into week 11 tomorrow and I have family coming in 2 weeks. I was wanting to fill the tent with some regular cooking herbs and veggies (fams recently went vegan so it would make sense on why I have the set up.
    The trichs are still pretty clear. Is there anyway I can speed this up?
    My temps are 77-80 lights off & 80-84 lights on (cause my dehumy heats up like a bitch)
    Im also light on bud atm so instead of driving my usual 45 mins with 2 stops on the way, so I was wondering if I could test a tiny bit out today or soon perhaps?
    Any advice would help thanks!
  2. Test some out if it's good enough for you chop them. What strain you running and pics would be nice
  3. You.cant really speed up the ripening process
  4. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Sorry I really suck with the loupe thing

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  5. Pics are there now and I'm runnin Purple cheese and Original Amnesia both are "Autos" lol

  6. Looks like to me you have 2 more weeks before they are ready take a little off and test them out if you like it give it a week then harvest. the majority of your trichomes are clear with some cloudy in a week or two they'll put on some major weight
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  7. What I see is a lot of active new pistils still. That means the plant has many calyxes on it that are still young and not fully ripe. It's going to get much more dense if you let it. Just tell your family you like weed. You did all this work. Cut it when it's fully ready and ripe.

    I'm not a fan of the just look at the trichomes method. You will miss out on weight and potency IMO. You have to judge the look of the plant as a whole to tell when it's done. At least 75% of the pistils on the main tops should be inactive and retracted back into the calyxes. You will probably still have some buds with active pistils near the bottom when you harvest in the larf zone but those main tops should be mostly done shooting out new white pistils. The whole plant takes on an amberish hue from the amber triches showing up. The calyxes swell and the buds become dense.

    2-3 more weeks. You'll just have to let the plant do it's thing if you want to have it at it's best.
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  8. I'm gunna let it go probably untill the 31st. They know we smoke here lol my SO's mom is a malicious narcissist and I really don't wanna give her any ammo to try to get my kids taken or some other evil shit.
    That's two weeks. You think it'll maybe make progress by then?
    The pics of the buds are from the purple cheese which I KNOW isn't ready. But the loupe pics are from the Amnesia . I was just hoping to taste some since I'm dry but I'll leave it alone lol

  9. Allow yourself one bud if you want. Cut it off and dry it for about 5 days. Then you can get a little of the taste but it will still taste green. A decent cure is minimum 2-3 weeks.

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