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  1. Planted 2 Girl Scout Cookie bag seeds 8 days ago. Here are the 2 plants.. One looks healthy and the other does not. Both plants have been exposed to the exact same conditions.. Help Please!!!

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  2. keep the soil moist, steady light, no nutes and just be patient. i planted on monday and still haven't had sprouts yet so just hold on haha. they look fine for a week old honestly just don't overwater!
  3. What are those conditions? All the info you can give will help us out the most, to help you. My newest seedlings are two days above soil and looking bigger and more vibrant than that.
  4. I have the same situation here. I planted 3 bag seeds, and 1 is growing fine, but the other 2 look weird. Their sorta scrunched up and look like a starved animal or something.
    I have pics of it in my most recent grow journal. They are about 1 1/2 weeks old now.

    My guess is probably over watered. I fed my plants 2-3 water bottle caps of water everyday. But I stoped yesterday, so results won't show for another couple days or so.
  5. theres never a steady strict feeding schedule man especially in the beginning you just gotta observe and react to your babies :). i hope you weren't pouring water directing onto the seedlings?
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    I fed then only to ensure the soil stays moist. But, unfortunately I did pour a little bit of the water on some of the plants because they looked very dry. Haha, woops!
  7. for the future never pour directly onto them because it will just drown and kill em but live and learn man
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    Thanks for the tip man. It should've been obvious to me, but my parental urges got in the way, haha.

    But that's another big thing. Having your parental urges (something like that) get in the way. It can lead to mistakes, like for me just now, haha.

    And like Joghorn asked, what are the conditions?
    You should start an actual journal. It's exteremely helpful.
  9. it happens man its all apart of the process, we live and we learn :p
  10. Kinda looks like your soil has or had issues, also the plants are stretching to get to the light, not good, don't make em stretch, bring the light to them. Also, maybe wait for some solid info from more experienced growers, don't jump on the bandwagon of the 1st nub grower that responds to your post. It may just not help you at all, or even hinder you further.

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