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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Nov 7, 2003.

  1. lets go, im along for the ride, whatever happens, happens, whos with me?

    so..we get in our car and then...
  2. Can we stop at BK? I'm hungry :p
  3. nah nah nah...i wanna go to taco bell :p

  4. Yeah, you're right...Taco Bell is better :D
  5. you bet your ass :D

    mmmmm...tacos...nachos bell grande...grilled stuft burrito...


    i gotta go to taco bell tomorrow
  6. *points to sticker*

    ass gas or grass, nobody rides for free...

  7. I'll buy you something at Taco Bell :D
  8. i'll supply the grass :D
  9. dammit, I guess that means I'm supplying ass. *drops drawers and grabs ankles*

  10. rofl...
  11. ooo ill join ya in token! .... ill bring some reefer...and i got some cash for gas too...ummm and about the ass plz pull ur pants up InferiorWang thanx! lol...

  12. Lmao!! :D I'll bring the bong along....
  13. ill bring the papers!!! I CALL PAPERS! hehe, i like to be cheap.. but um ya... i could go for some taco bell
  14. alright alright. *pulls pants back up* So...where are we headed? I wanna see something different.
  15. ok good....hmmm good question, where are we going namron??? *loads the first bowl of many* hmmm

    ---well im out for a fun weekend ill be back monday, ill see where we have traveled then... have a good weekend l8r.
  16. wait for me. wait for me. I wanna go too! I got some GOOD smoke... always happy to share. Taco Hell? ok. I love road trips.
  17. wait... i'm gettin in on this...

    anyone here like sushi?

    i got some kill ass nugs, a sheet of acid (i wish, LOL), and a cooler... plus pleanty of cash for sushi and taco bell, and whatever else we may need along the way!

    ...and i can roll a pretty damn good blunt too :D (or we could just pack stuffies ;))
  18. oooh sushi! I haven't had any good sushi for a while. Every once in a while I get cheap stuff for lunch on campus.
  19. I'll bring the lickher!!!

    I'll also bring some margeritas and a baggie full of smoke!!!!

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