weeed, pillls?

Discussion in 'General' started by Mr.bubbles, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. iight i have about 50 doller of pills on me and im trading it fora quarter and it will be lke 9 grams...oooo i have the xanies, darvocets, ultrams, flexeril, viks...i got a buffet of pills... pics later
  2. save a few z bars
  3. dude save urself some vicadin thats the shit right there.....but ya post pics later i gotta see:hello:
  4. I wouldn't trade 50 pills for a quarter in my life. I prefer to smoke weed, but that's a lot of fucking pills for just 9 grams.
  5. Hydrocodone is lame. Nowhere near as good as weed!
  6. Yea, what kind of weed is it? Price/Quarter?
  7. ah, but hydrocodone on top of weed = kickass.
  8. I hurd hydrocodone when smoked does nothing for you? Any one know about this I got 1 vicodin and dont want to wast it...
  9. If you've only got one, then I would smoke it with some buds, it's proabably not enough to get you fucked if you eat it. But whatever you want to do.
  10. parachute it... break it all up, wrap it in a tissue and eat the tissue like a pill... not like a whole tissue but make a nice little thing for it ya know, and when the powderball hits your stomach the tissue unfolds and its really cool... you'll feel effects in about 5 min after eating.
  11. Damn, that's a really sweet idea. +rep
  12. Lol I was gonna either smoke it or Snort it... Vicodin sucks for drips tho:(
    Im trying to get my friend to smoke the bowl with me any one know if it tast bad?
  13. and you may die if you eat all 50 bucks worth at once...not a good idea;)
  14. LOL I thought that too, but he was talkng to PMB6967.
  15. yeah im getting it tonight...still have to call the dude...right nopw ima do some xanies i got 13 more
  16. Yeah parchuting is cool but make sure w/ pain meds you have some food in there or you might get sick. I took 2 percs on the bus ride to D.C. and I had an empty stomach/ NOT GOOD. Sick az hell. My friend did the same at my house and he would not listen to me and he got sick. Just eat with them and you will feel great! GGGGGGRRRREEAT! LIke tony yo! JOE>

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