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  1. I smoked some today ,but i did'nt really feel it does anyone know why i mean there whas a decent amoount of it in there. What should have i felt?

    Please help?
    For future refrence


  2. You can't smoke coke. Maybe try adding crack to it. I did some "primo" once. Don't know what it was but had a memory jump from Friday-Sunday.
  3. cooool
  4. Don't smoke that shit, my dad used to think he got a buzz off of capping his bowls with it, but I think it's a waste to be honest.
  5. You can't smoke coke man.. you just wasted a bunch of white girl.

    Take a spoon, hang it off the edge of a table or counter, put water in it, put the coke in, depending on how good the blow is, add 30% to 50% (the better it is the less you use) of baking soda. Heat it up underneath with a lighter until its bubbling (i find that you need to use two lighters some times) add a couple drops of COLD water, scrape the crack off the bottom of the spoon onto a surface that it can dry onto. ..i rarely let it dry though.. just throw it in the stem and melted it down.... but you'll want it to dry if you're gunna throw it in a blunt

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