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  1. i have 2 plants unknown sex, if they are both female how much do you thnk i will harvest it is day 34 of veg today, growin in maricle grow so no ferts yet, they don;'t seem to mind anyway. they are 10 and 12 inches tall and pretty bushy right now. how long does flower last for anyway?
  2. Got somthin for you

    1st is the big bush Indica?
    2nd is the tall stringy Sativa i believe
    3rd is the money shot
    4th is a macro of these things growing from the stem i don't know what they are but the sex shouldn't be determined yet i don't think:confused:

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  3. Is it wierd for leaves to look excessivly oily? if you look in the bottom right of my first pic in this thread you can see an example of what i am talking about it doesn't seem too bad but i would like to know
  4. looking good so far. It all depends on how they act when you put them into flower, strain, nutes.

    At the risk of sounding redundant, I'm just gonna say you say what happened to mine when they went into flower with mg.
  5. Your plants just jumped into flower? like "auto flowered"? I thought some people wanted that. I for one do not but w/e, what is that thing in my last picture is that a female plant thing? So mine actually already did decide it's sex for sure? They are both ladys? Whats a yeild estamite on these?
  6. That 'thing' in the last pic is normal, you will see them at every internode. It's not a flower or even a preflower, so sex is still unknown.


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