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  1. They forecast heavy rain for the whole weekend and my two girls in the veggie plot are only a week or two away from harvest. I got a bit worried about them getting bud rot so I came up with a temporary solution.
    Now the veggie plot looks more like a small music festival, but at least they'll stay dry! ;)
    Let me know what you think.


    Obviously it's not getting as much light as without the tent, but I think it's worth it :)
    Both plants from bag seed (same bag) the smaller one smells strong and fruity, the bigger one doesn't smell much at all considering the amount of bud its got.
    I'm quite happy for my first grow, just cant wait to smoke em now!!:smoke:
  2. Great Job...... i have done that in the past. works great.:hello:
  3. Yeah thats not shady at all, haha nice job man :hello:

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