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    i would like to here some opinons on weedstar (ws*). i say thier a good brand and maybe in a year or two might just be up there with hi end glass. but some people think otherwise. and i would like to here reasions why you do or dont think they will ever be a good brand. also i dont want flaming or anythitng over someones opinion please be respectful about other peoples 2 cents.
  2. ill start i think if they take the right direction and get on the ball they could be a well known and respected brand. i give them a chance.
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    Well I voted no. I believe the craftsmanship is poor, the glass doesn't hold up to american blown glass standards, they make cheaper alternatives to designs other artists use. Are those tree percs open ended yet? Every weedstar I've seen/hit has been of poor quality.

    It would take a lot to make me a believer. I duno the rules on calling out weedstar now that they are affiliates of this site but I don't really care.
  4. fuckin magnets, how do they werk?

    seriously though, theyre showing improvement as of late.
  5. Well I would say yes unless you are gonna spend around like $300.00

    IMO I think Weed Star Can Not Be Beat With There Price For The Quality I no Weed-Star Comes From Germany And German glass Is real good. (unless they don't use german glass)

    But either way there glass is not cheap. I am personally waiting for one The Double Bubble 2.0 If I like It Im gonna get the Epic

    Epic 2.0 It Looks Super Nice The Only Thing Is I Wish They made like a mini 14/18 adapter cause my slides are 14 (Ziggi I know your listening)

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    Im sorry but I decline to vote in your thread, as you dont have an option "they are already a good brand"

    The main reason people dont like weed star is that, its affordable, and that his designs come from pre-existing models.

    Most people think that this is something that should be held against the brand.

    The fact that Ziggi jackson prices, correspond to the quality of his glass, makes his brand as trust worthy and respectable as any high end glass maker.

    Does toro, and RooR, charge corresponding to the quality of their glass? yes they do, that means they are equally as good as weed star.

    You pay for what you get. You want high end? well you PAY for high end. You dont want HIGH END, you DONT pay for HIGH END.

    And im sorry, but if your going to detract from the quality of weed star, because their bong designs come from somewhere else? That is also something I can not agree with.

    We are humans, everything is a recopy of a recopy of a recopy. Just because someone figured out a way to give you something that someone else made, for a different price, ONCE AGAIN, should not be held against the brand.

    As if to say, because Toro didnt make the first straight tube, it should be held against them, as they are just copying the first person that made the first straight tube.

    If you dont think you should get WHAT YOU PAY FOR, then yes, weed star is not a good company.

    If you think that weed star shouldnt make ANYTHING THATS BEEN MADE BEFORE, then yes, weed star is not a good company.

    The new epic pre-cooler, is the first time I have seen that design. Does that matter? no. But is it affordable? Yes. I saw SYN's version and its 250 dollars more still without shipping. You pay for what you get, and because of that fact, you think weed star isnt a good company?

    Welp then thats your opinion. and this is mine.

    Oh and yes, ziggi is making all his second models opened percs, because he listens to his fan base. He already changed the design of his messiah illusion perc series because people cared more about open ends.

    Hes already changing the design of his Epic pre-cooler to have open ends on the percs.

    Hes a good guy and hes got a good personality. Something tells me ziggi doesnt really care if he ever beats out RooR or whatever high end brand you can name. I think he just cares about getting people high, and listening to his fans.

    Once again, I did not vote because you didnt give me the option, its already a good brand. Thats a prejudice voting system you have. As you are "pre-judging" WS to be inherently bad, as apposed to letting me voice my opinion properly through your vote.

    god ICP is retarded for making that song, but at least it made me laugh
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    I'd love to see weedstar make a few small changes towards becoming a company I would buy from but right now I just wouldn't. Still using closed percs, designs are ripped off (poorly), the pieces seem thrown together and are full of shortcuts, and I've heard a million more horror stories than people who are happy with there products.

    People have been making these recommendations but he still ignores them. He pumps out these videos where I think he's trying to be funny or is just a complete idiot (or both). Between the poor quality, horror stories, the videos, and ignoring simple design changes to make a product MAYBE a considerable purchase, I see no reason to buy a weedstar.

    Also sorry to rip apart one of your brands GC I still love you. =p

    If I was GC I'd be getting on his ass to do a better job personally.
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    Weedstar will never be as respected as some of the names out there, but they have shown improvement lately. I'm waiting on my first WS* piece in the mail, the double bubbler 2.0.

    IMO, I think Ziggi Jackson himself has given the brand a lot of its bad reputation, it's cool to make videos showing yourself and your products, but he acts like a moron in most of them. They have used cheap imitations of other brands models and they still can't figure out to open the bottoms of their percs. The quality control on the craftmanship of WS* has been pretty terrible as well.

    Some of their new stuff looks promising though, and for under $80 shipped to my door I'm most definitely willing to give the dub-bub 2.0 a shot. If the bubbler works out well, down the road I may look at snagging a 29.2 tube but I don't think I'll ever own a direct rip-off like the a/c posted above. I'd rather save te dough and get an actual SYN inline to 6 arm a/c.
  9. No. W* designs are derivative or down right stolen. Ziggi doesn't understand the direction of the industry or the functionality behind the designs he uses. That is why his replicas never work as well as the high end tubes they attempt to replicate. He doesn't actually do the R&D that American blowers do to figure out the best way to build a piece.

    On top of that his glass is never thick where it needs to be and is pretty easily broken despite his ad videos. It is kinda cool that he responds to criticism... but that's just the thing. Nothing about his brand changes until someone complains about how his piece works compared to a better glass company/blower. Even his improvements are derivative.

    You can't lead the market when you're just a follower.
  10. the whole copying designs never bothered me really....... except for the fact that he pays no respect to the blowers who's design he is borrowing by skimping on its basic aesthetic and functional elements.... if your not going to do it right then dont sell it.. stake your own claim to fame besides a cheap bong at a cheap price... just my 2cents
  11. If you have $300+ to spend on a Toro, RooR, etc. other high end piece then go for it. That's why I got the Fat Joe (straight tube 29.2), 29.2>18.8 Circulator Diffuser (Showerhead), 18.8 Inline Ashcatcher, and an extra bowl. This was $100 with shipping since it was free (bunch of ppl ordered). I can tell you that I get better rips out of this 20 inch massive smoke capacity bong then I do out of any other piece for the price.
  12. By choosing to compete on price W* has suffered from a lack of quality at times. This is a trade off that is very common in all businesses and markets. There are always leaders on different selling points; price, quality, customer service, innovation etc etc. Businesses always make an analysis as to which aspect of the marketing mix they wish to focus on. W* has decided it competes on price and has stuck to this.

    I think if they can keep their costs reasonably low and still increase the quality they're on to a serious winner. If they can come out with more original designs as well (although companies in other lines of business always copy each other) then the brand name would get stronger still.

  13. no im not being prejudice because i like weedstar. i didnt add that as a choice becasue i didnt know some people might want it.
  14. hitman, tree percs on the new messais are open.
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    "will weed star ever be a good brand"

    In other words. Weed star is not a good brand. Do you think this will change? Please vote.

    you've pre-judged weed star to be bad IN THE FIRST PLACE.

    Your voting system is not neutral or unbiased.

    The question leads people to believe its not good in the first place.

    thats why I refuse to vote.

    if you wanted it to be unbiased you would go

    "what is your opinion of weed star"

    Good, Bad, it may get better based of its direction, I dont care I just want to get high.

    You dont have to care of course, I just dont like how your vote is leading people to believe its bad in the first place.

    And Dark cloud, I already told everyone that the new percs are open ended. They just ignored me. ::shrugs::

    I guess their argument loses merit based off that they are ignoring the fact that he is already improving his designs.
  16. that inline is a blatent knockoff of syn's.....and is prolly a drag machine and a half.

  17. :confused: can we see some pics of that

  18. This is exactly correct. Well said!

    I'm waiting on my first WS piece to come. I think it'll be fine for me, I'm not into the high end stuff, and I'm trying to save up for a vaporizer, so WS is the perfect fit for me right now!

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