Weedstar Smellchecker?

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by burninbudz, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. pros- cheap
    cons- cheap materials, poor annealing, thin spots on glass, ,might not be perfectly straight, unoriginal idea, overall not the best quality
  2. I dont get the point of the first downstem. if its just sucking air through then why not just have a stemless? the only pro i see here is a horizontal diffuser...
  3. for the smae price u might as well get more slits in the inline
  4. yeah ziggi needs to get his head out of the clouds lol
  5. if anyone decides to pick this up, make sure to pair it with a showerhead downstem
    perfect diffusion shape for the design of this.


    doesnt toro make a diffusion deisgn like that?
    it would be just a toned down version of it.
    nothing too fancy. sounds good to me!
  6. I planned on ridding the setup of the downstem completely.

  7. yea the downstem doesnt do anything in this
  8. I think im gonna go for it. Ill order one next time i get some free cash. Does grasscity ship to canada? Anyone ever had any problems?

  9. pretty sure they ship to canada... good idea on losing the downstem lol

    Yeah, make sure to put up a review
  10. this bong is gonna open the door for weed star soon we will see fixed stems, waffles, and shower head fixed stems ect....
  11. I don't smoke oil but from what I have heard the smell checker seems like a good oil bong minus the down stem ofcourse
  12. Personally, i wouldn't buy it. I would save up a bit more and go for something a little higher quality, but thats just me....
  13. I see the extra downstems as weedstars attempt at doing something original like the high end companies. Sadly, they look rather pointless and to me it proves that they are more concerned with selling you a bong then making quality ones.
  14. .. Is there no bubble vids of this piece on the net at all??
  15. it's not gonna be an epic milk
  16. Hmm veal.....

    I see potential in this idea, maybe if they used a waffle diffuser and a showerhead downstem this would be a great idea.

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