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  1. Anybody else here watch the show weeds?
    If so what is your favorite character, and why?
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    i watched it halfway to season 3 but I hate Celia do fucking much I stopped. She ruined the show because it focused on we way too much an she has cancer and it even showed her gross 50 year old fat breast cancer tits. Scarred for life. I fuckin hate this show. Everyhing they say about weed is wrong. They don't even use real weed and the people suck at smoking it and you never see milk shots or smoke. All of the smokers get fucked off 1 hit too and they show kids smoking it for te first time and getting the munchies..
    /end rant.
    No smoker should watch this show
    also they all use plastic pipes, 1 hitters and orange plastic bongs.
    Btw my favorite character was the fat black guy from season 2 who was funny as hell
  3. I have watched all the episodes and i am waiting for the news season to start to see if Shane gets killed by the mexi-cartel my favorite character is Nancy as u can probably tell from my sig :D
  4. I don't have a favorite, all the characters are really well written. After this last season I'd say shane is a pretty bad ass mother fucker:hello: I'm stoked for the next season..

    Celia is a well written character as well, even though she's we hate her.. I love the use of expletives in weeds.. it always makes me laugh my ass off
  5. This show quickly turned downhill when she met that mexican mayor, and had a baby with him.

    fucking horrible

    they should of stayed in suburban white area of California

    they filmed it where i lived, maybe that why i was so entertained by it. :p
  6. Just finished the second season, I have them all, just haven't had time to watch them all yet..... Thanks to this ass hole above me I now know what's going to happen at some point! J/K dog, I realized the risk I took coming into this thread. I love the show tho! And Lacy is my favorite charicter! ;-)
  7. pretty much this
    the whole reason I liked it was because she was a pot selling single mother
    and now she's isn't any of those things
    maybe the next season will be better...hopefully
  8. I love the show. While I still think the first few seasons were the best, I am still entertained and I can't wait for the next season to come out on DVD since I don't get Showtime.
  9. omygosh i love weeds!!! i think its coming back in august, I CANT WAIT!!
  10. say what you will, it keeps you guessing...good writing/acting

    and yes, she needs to move on from meh-he-kcan-o mayor...dumb decision on her part

    I like the tension of the bro in law/her building a relationship, but she has shit on him a lot
  11. I just finished watching all the episodes after friends recommendation. It definitely started going down hill after they left Agrestic, but I'll still watch the next season.
    does anyone know where i can get season 4+ ? (online) :smoking:

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