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  1. My fav tv show is weeds i watch it a heck of a lot iv nearly sat through 2 season of it in the space of a few days.

    I know weeds is not real life or anything but it got me wondering if half of the things on the show would be true in real life.

    Like on last nights episode i watched one guy got all paranoid and started to panic when he got dragged out in the middle of the night by Nancy. Would people really get that worked out after smoking.

    I also wonder if a single mum would really go out and make money selling weed
    because surely the feds would figure out where your money is coming from when you go out and buy cars and pay for all that stuff and even if the feds didn't figure it out surely it would not be enough to support Nancy's family.

    Which then got me thinking if Nancy was a real life person living that life would she make the most money from buying or growing or just working at some dodgy clothes shop for pregnant woman ,working for some Mexicans I mean does this shit really happen out there ?

    It also makes me wonder where the script wrights and tv show producers get their info from for the show.

    ~ Just a bunch of thoughts.
  2. I just cant wait for season 4 to come out on dvd
  3. I got season 4. I recorded it from sky. Its good man.

    Celia Hodes well its funny what happens to her haha
  4. April is the new season, ja?

    Please confirm/deny.
  5. Anyone wana help answer my questions?

    Nope the new season of weeds (4) is already out all episodes. Want to know more about weeds season 4 being on tv pm me.
  6. I am ashamed to say that show just doesnt do it for me, wish i knew.
  7. Kramer is talking about season 5, not season 4. Obviously season 4 is not new if all the episodes aired already. The latest I heard on season 5 is summer 2009... So I'm not too sure. I think thats all thats been released so far.

    By the way you can watch all the episodes online with a quick google search ;);)
  8. Thanks for the assist, sir.

    I thought Summer too. But I had April in my brain.
  9. You're hoping for a 4/20 release which would be BRILLIANT, but I don't think the writers are stoner enough for that.
  10. Shit, I didn't even bother to tie that together.

    Who's the mother fucking stoner now?!

  11. i just got introduced to this show few days ago. its funny as hell i cant believe i havent sat around and watched this show b4. i finished season 4 in 2 days and i love the show so ill begin season 3 tomorrow.
  12. Hahahaha, I've thought about how cool it would be for them to have a 4/20 release date for the new season. Doubt they will though, unless the writers browse GC and pick up on my fantastic idea.

    You should probably start with season 1 and work your way up. Makes more sense that way. You wouldn't read a book from the last page to the first would you? :p;)
  13. this show is awesome
    i dont have showtime so i watch it on dvd but its still awesome
    nancy reminds me of my mom soooo much
    i could totally see my mom doing that shit haha
  14. I liked it up to Season three. Season four just got weird.
  15. I really like season one of WEEDS. All the rest of them I just can't get into like the first season.
  16. its my favorite show to!

  17. i believe thats what they did last year
  18. Amen. Season One was perfect.
  19. Season 4 was really bad. Things are getting to ridiculous. Nancy needs to be killed.

    I have a feeling that I won't even finish season 5 this year...
  20. yeah true that, its not even weeds anymore.
    its nancygetsknockedupbythemayoroftiajuanawhilerunningatrafficingfront
    not weeds/ =[

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