Weeds Webisodes--University of Andy Botwin

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  1. Weeds fans click here!
    It's a cool webisode series i found is called University of Andy

    there is like 20 courses or something and they are pretty funny.
    if you like weeds, this is a nice substitute between seasons. Plus kevin nealon is in a few i think.

    University of Andy - How to Score with Foreign Girls

    give it a try, its entertaining. :wave:
  2. thanks for sharing this dude! i just can't wait for the next season!
  3. how this is related to weeds?
  4. Same question from me also. how this related to weeds, I am watching weeds episodes from long time. I did not find Any thing like this.

  5. haha, isnt botwin the brother in law in love with the main character? he's one of the main characters also in weeds
  6. yeah, I've got the entire podcast. No big deal or anything.

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