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Weed's the show

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by poker2, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Watched my first episode of this...
    Have to say- It's a pretty good show. I actually enjoyed it!
    Episode where a fake cop stole the bakery owners weed, got beat, and returned it.
    Don't know why I'm posting this...

    Who else watches/enjoys this show?

  2. older weeds is the shit. the new season is a little slow. but i still watch it lol
  3. Watched every season on netflix, I currently keep up with it. Shows not as good as it used to be
  4. I've only whatched it at 4 am. I didnt understand it they just show the adults coughing but they showed the kids lighting a pipe then the camera turned away.

    All though her brother bought a ounce then got pulled over by a bike cop and got busted after he got out he was talking to his lawyer and she was like " it was only a misdemeanor less then a ounce" and he was all like " I paid for a fucking full ounce they stiffed me! "

    That shit made me laugh
  5. I watched all of it that was available on netflix. Mary-Louise Parker is sooooo hot
  6. Greatest show on earth

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