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Weed's Taking It's Toll (Financially)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Drugs Bunny, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. To start off, I love smoking weed and I like to use it everyday around the evening times, the problem lays in the price of weed... I can get 2g for £20 and I smoke 0.7-1g per day, I did buy an extreme q vaporizer after reading reports that people only use 0.2g a day to get high but the vaporizer isn't proofing as efficient as I hoped. I had a grow, but due to my mum hating it being in the garage and new building work, it had to go :mad:

    So there's my predicament, i'm a student with no job and I feel like a mooch but I don't want to quit smoking weed as I use it as a medicine for certain things.

    I might consider a closet grow...
  2. Sounds like you should find work if you can :smoking:
  3. Living in the UK as a student too, the £20/2g standard is becoming really annoying. Dunno bout where you live but in the northwest, that's pretty much the basic price, for any type of grade, and it's mostly crappy grade too. It's so hard to find dank weed here. :(

    But anyway, I bought a MFLB, and it did save me a LOT of money. A tenner bag used to last me 3 days! But the high is different. Still good, but I felt myself craving joints. Anyway it's summer, so I worked full time for a month, so I have some nice cash laying around, and I recommend you do the same. Apply around, loads of places are recruiting.

  4. I live in Manchester mate, and it's the same here! My current dealers are pretty shitty to be honest, with one exception but the same bud is getting boring.

    How the hell do I manage to vaporize a gram a day when it seems 1g lasts you 3 days? Edit: Not sure if I read that right, you may be implying you USED to only smoke 1g every 3 days?
  5. Yeah stealth grow bro
  6. Yeah from Bolton here, and most of our dealers pick up from guys in Manchester, and it's true what they say, they just love slapping on exotic names, but most of it is nearly all the same stuff! I need to find out where to find different types!

    And 0.1g in a trench right? Well 0.15g really fine, and two trenches would get me fucked, three times a day, that's three days, well that's my routine. And maybe it's the mflb? Dunno haha, but it works!

    I get so jealous when I see all these people from America post pictures of the dankest weed i'll never see :(

  7. I think I need to grind my weed finer, or work out how to properly harness the power of my vaporizer.

    And I know what you mean about the comparison between what the dealers give you and what's online... My sister was in a dealers house (who we buy off every now and then) and she said he stores his weed on this minifridge and the heat coming from the motor makes the weed warm and it's also in direct sunlight - how can a dealer be so stupid!

    My vaporizers strange, because after 1 good bag and 2 ok ones I barely get any vapor but I can see the weed isn't fully vaporized yet :confused:
  8. OP 1 gram lasts me 1 week and 3 days.

  9. I use a portable vaporizer so I think mine's supposed to use less anyway I think. I don't have much experience in different vapes, but the Magic Flight Launch Box is amazing imo, It's paid for itself in a matter of months, before I used to buy tenners every day, but now a twenty bag seems to last forever :smoke:

    What colour is your weed after it's been vaped? Mine is almost golden browny/ nearly black. I like to vape the shit out of it lmao.

  10. I've had mine for a few days now, but yeh it turns brown/dark, how many bags do you get out of 0.1-0.15g of weed?

    PS: Going to buy from dealer, late reply

  11. The mflb doesn't work with bags, it's like a handheld device and you draw on it directly, and when you don't want weed, it just stays there, unburnt until the next time you want it. It's pretty clever tbh. But on 0.1g, I'll get like 8-10 deep inhales, which will get me pretty high. It's so freaking stealthy, I've done it at uni (Uni of Salford), cinemas, etc etc.

  12. Haha man that's pretty crazy how you could potentially whip it out anywhere and get blazed... The equivalent of joints being weed, or close at the least.

    Cheers for the info on the vaporizer and insight into your troubles buying weed, it makes me feel less alone.

    For the thread, i'm gonna google closet grows XD

  13. You can always smoke what you have after you vape or make QWISO. Not as great a smoke but it's a way to stretch it out.
  14. [quote name='"AppleCity"']Get a job[/quote]

    They took er jerbs

  15. dey tuk rr jerbzz!

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