Weeds seaons 3 number 6

Discussion in 'General' started by Dark_Angers, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. So from the preview it looks pretty fucking crazy any predictions?
  2. ep 5 aired ?
  3. yep and a good episode at that:D
  4. Haylia (sp?) tipped off "The Mexicans" that U-Turn stole their heroin in order to possibly get Conrad out of being U-Turn's bitch. U-Turn stole the heroin because when he sent Nancy to pick up something (heroin), they wouldn't sell him anything but grass anymore (they told Nancy to tell him he was a 'lawnjockey' now- meaning he is only getting weed). They shot Marvin in retailiation, U-Turn shot them, stashed the heroin at Nancy's, and the war is on. Inevitably Nancy will get deeply involved in this "war" somehow, and some way, somehow, she will be rescued.

    That is my prediction, I was talking about it with my roommate today coincidentally...
  5. Exactly what I was thinking. I am interested in Sialis new girl;)
  6. anyone know a link to ep 5??
  7. this episode should be fire

    (off to blaze)
  8. Well, damn. I was dead wrong.
  9. Ack someone posted a spoiler!!! I didn't watch it yet, that was wrong, I had to scroll back up real fast to only read the first 4 words =(((
  10. fuck uturn died he was so funny
    but now nancy has like half a mil of heroine to sell
  11. uh uturn didnt die? unless he dies in episode 6, is that leaked yet?

    i have up to episode 5, anybody know of 6?
  12. Episode 6 appeared on a public site for a short period of time. It had 11 seeds and I got 98% of the file when it stopped. TorrentFreak a very good torrent blog wrote something on the leak here: http://torrentfreak.com/search/weeds+season+3+episode+5+torrent

    I kind of feel like it could be a stunt to get people talking about the show. This isn't the first time something like that would have happened.

    anyway i need to see this....
  13. great episode, rapper "spider loc" is gonna be on the next episode, mary kate olsen's character is wicked hot and ive never really found those chicks attractive.......cant wait till next week
  14. She was all over Sialis(sp):eek:

    Next episode is gonna be a really good one;)
  15. Episode 6 was good, I was pissed about U-Turn though, he was my favorite character.
  16. Yeah U-Turn being gone sucks. He was a funny dude.:(
  17. that episode was sooo good. all the episodes are good hah. if anybody watched the preview for next week, were you too suprised about nancy and her boss:eek:.

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