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Weeds pills help?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by MacGyverGirl, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. Hi guys! I've been making homemade weed pills lately. I gave some to a buddy who said it was a big high (he took three) gave some to another buddy as his first weed experience (he got pretty giggly high from one) but whenever I take one I'm not sure if they work because I end up stayin up too late and sleeping. I made some with some dank last night and I just took two to make sure they worked. Here's my current timeline. Are they ever gonna work?

    Taken 9:44
    Ew burp 9:53
    10:23 another drink
    More burps and drinks
    Maybe kicking in? 10:34
    10:40 posting on GC. 
  2. Still nothing
  3. Maybe take more then 2?
    Maybe your tolerance is higher.
    Maybe they aren't that strong.
    Who knows.
    Not randoms from the city that's for sure.
    Just take like 10, maybe you'll be the first to od on weed Ahaha.
  4. I think either it was the cooking time, (can't be tolerance exude I've only been a pot person since September-October) or maybe they need to sit a bit before consuming. The previous pills my buddies ate were sitting for a few days before being eaten. I'm going to eat 2 mids pills I made a few days ago and report back.
  5. you would need to describe how much weed you consume in a given day...

    then you need to go into great detail on the amount of weed you put in your pills and how you made them...

    then we could help...

    otherwise you just going to have to keep experimenting to find out your dosage and your doing nothing but increasing your tolerance

    good luck
  6. I smoke maybe .5g once a week if even. Prolly not quite .2g in each pill
  7. So, you'd prob need 3 pills to feel much if you usually smoke 0.5g

    That's if the weed was prepared properly in a good oil source.

    Make sure to have a good fatty meal one to two hours before eating the pills.
  8. I'm taking the last four mids. I think Imma cook the dank slightly more tomorrow then fill in the caps. Results to come? Let's hope. Total now 2 dank pills 6 mids
  9. ASDFNGORKSN$283&/&/!&/'whales

    I give up. -.- I'll live with simple smoking
  10. How do you make your pills?
  11. 1 tablespoon for every gram, grinder up the weed to normal grind, mix together in small pot and cool over low heat. I may need to cook them longer until the oil gets greener.
  12. Are you using a double boiler? How long are you cooking it for?

  13. 1 tbsp of what? and that's about 15 pills per gram. Which is 0.07g per pill.

    how long of a decarb period are you using before cooking? What temp?

    I'd steer away from stovetop cooking too. Too hard to manage the heat properly, and stuff on the bottom can get cooked too fast while stuff on top not fast enough due to the nature of the heat source.

    Oven is much more reliable. Put it in a small glass dish, pie dish works good for larger amounts, or a small pyrex for smaller amounts. 220F for 2 to 4 45 minute periods works wonders.

    Make sure it's always double layered in foil, gotta keep terpenes and evaporating cannabinoids sealed so they can go back in solution.
  14. Ive figured out the problem. Totally unrelated. Thanks tho guys.
  15. You sure it's not your processing techniques, because it might be.

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