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Weeds "Negative" effects?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by OriginUnknown, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. I've smoked weed a decent number of times before and I already know about how almost everything schools etc teach about weed(and most other drugs) is BS like how weed causes lung cancer, Addiction etc. But one thing I haven't been able to find much on is "Burnout". Some people say that longterm uses causes difficulty paying attention, remembering and the like. Is this true?
    It was to my believe that weed is pretty much harmless aside from the ash going into your lungs if your smoking it.
  2. weed doesnt cause cancer theres no proof it does and papers dont come wit a surgeon generals warning like cigs or blunts thats how i look at it
  3. Well I can't say this from like personal experience. But a family friend of mine is like 50 and has been smoking MJ since he was 13. He runs his own construction company and is very successful. He has like 4-5 ounces in his house at like all times of medical grade shit. He seems like any other successful person I've met and is on top of his game so yea...idk lol.
  4. He said that he was taught that and knows it's BS lol. He's asking about "burning out"
  5. That might be my answer right there LOL :smoke:. Just kidding haha.
  6. Alright, weed can cause lung cancer.

    Just because you're pro pot, don't say it doesn't. It's smoke, nonetheless. The weed doesn't cause it, the smoke does.

  7. the only thing i can think of is gaining weight if your not careful but to tell u the truth the day after i blaze im usually not that hungry in the morning and ill eat less.....

  8. no it doesnt not unless theres a radioactive chemical in the weed which there isnt.. the reason tobacco causes cancer is because its nature is to suck up radiation like a sponge.... there has never been one recorded case of someone getting cancer from smoking to much weed not once... if u can disprove me go for it:p
  9. It can stress your family bond if your family doesn't approve of the substannce :(
  10. Beat me too it :p weed also DOESN'T kill brain cells. Anyone who watched 'The Union' would know this ;)
  11. #11 OriginUnknown, Sep 24, 2010
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    A lot of studies suggest it doesn't actually contain the same cancer causing agents that tobacco smoke does, Ash itself doesn't cause cancer, its the chemicals in the smoke.

    Pot Smoking Not Linked to Lung Cancer

    Also I watched the Union previously and loved it, a lot of great information. Though it's never a good idea to base your information on one resource, which is why I asked :).

    My parent's wouldn't know about it, they already lost my sister in the same battle(She moved in with my father who doesn't mind it) but she wasn't the best seed of the bud if you know what I mean, she wrote what she did down etc.
  12. I imagine the radiation dusting that's given to the tobacco plants that are used to produce cigarettes contributes greatly cancer.

  13. smart man, have you seen a video of how they do it. You know the helicopters to put water or whatever on forest fires. Well they pack a hellicopter with shitt loads of toxic chemicals to stop critters from eating up the crop and they fly above and just drop it all over like a toxic ash cloud. Now you go ahead and smoke that shit :) i think ill stick to safe old regular weed thank you very much haha
  14. It can cause a raging, irresistable urge to go on a murderous rampage.

    But thats about it.
  15. When i get "high" all it does it make me want to do hard drugs like crystal meth and heroin 10X more than normal, thats it, its sweet.
  16. I dont think weed has that many negative effects except one. Smoking lots of weed has impared my short term memory and it has happened to my friends and lots of people i know. but i also used to do drugs heavily so that may be part of why its so bad. But it causes memory loss to a certain degree
  17. Nobody has ever died from pot. A bud has never attacked, smothered, or ran over someone. No one has ever been shot or stabbed by a nug.

    People have gotten lung cancer, even if they have never smoked tobacco or cannabis in their lives. That being said, smoke is of course gonna have carcinogens, anyone that says otherwise needs to looks up the physics of combustion.

    However, no one has ever gotten cancer from cannabis edibles. I don't even know what this thread is about, but thats my 2 cents.
  18. basically the lesson we're trying to teach is,
    if you smoke weed, you'll die or kill everyone you love.

    and the combustion guy is right, if you don't want lung cancer, vape or ingest.
  19. Dang im still waiting for mine to come through, should kick in about 10 minutes from now. I CANT WAIT :metal:
  20. loool that made me laugh for a while. Not even his forum name just "combustion guy" to the rescue!

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