weed's effects on orgasms

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  1. whenever i get a chance to have sex i always try to get some weed and blaze up before hand. The reason is because weed makes it feel soooo much better. and when i screw without smoking i'm always disapointed because i know if i had some budha the orgasm would be like 1000 times more intense.

    Is it just me or is it like that for everyone? Does smoking weed make you have better orgasms?

    oh and let us know if you are a dude or a chick when you answer. I'm a dude.
  2. Happens to everyone.
  3. i hate having sex while stoned. my girlfriend doesn't smoke anymore (she didn't really get into it) and i hate the communication barrier between us when i'm stoned and she isn't. i also didn't really care for a stoned orgasm, either. they're not any better than sober ones to me.
  4. the main thing i wanna know is does smoking before sex do the same thing to chicks it does to me? so if i smoke em out first will they love me forever or never talk to me again. or is it diffrent for every person. I should probably just ask em the next time the oppurtunity arises huh?
  5. I love orgasms haha but honestly I've never chiefed before sex but I have whacked it while high and I last a lot longer but the orgasm feels the same
  6. Haha nah weed orgasms are straight up bliss.
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  7. Normal Orgasm: :D

    Weed Orgasm: :eek:
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  8. my girl doesnt smoke so i dont when im around her. its much too awkward to even sit next to her when im stoned and she is stone.......cold sober. but thats not to say i havent fucked while blazed and honestly i just get tired quicker and lose concentration and by the time i finish the high has started coming down...and it feels the same.
  9. I once dated a girl, who had only smoked once before she was with me. I got her all blazed one day and she was just frisky as fuck it was nuts. And in my opinion, yeah the orgasm was better, and so was everything that lead to it. Same effect the next time I got her baked. She was a fun one haha.
  10. What? Ya'll are crazy saying that orgasm while high is the same. For me its fucking insane. I love to smoke my girl out because she gets really horny. In bed everything feels amazing, when I am inside her I can feel everything (in a good way). One time I got head while high and afterward I got NUMB. I was in Nirvana. Orgasm while high like someone else said = bliss. Those of you who don't think sos.. I feel sad that ya'll are missing out. Not to mention the cigarette after sex = amazing too. :smoking:
  11. I definitely prefer being stoned during sex. Its MUCH more intense for me.

    Also I prefer being stoned if I'm jerkin off.:)
  12. Not gonna lie last week I tried having sex STONED off of some dank stuff 3 times and I couldn't hold an erection ( Virgin she was really tight and I'm Mediterranean so ), idk how you guys do it ahah maybe I should try mids?
  13. If I couldn't get my dick hard while stoned I would never smoke the shit. LOL :cool:
  14. Agreed, the sex is a whole lot better, but being blazed often drains my stamina...not a massive problem - blaze :smoking:
  15. I really have a different effect. When i smoke right before sex it kinda numbs me, it takes longer for me to orgasm and it's less enjoyable. I like sober sex.
  16. Weird part is I can jerk off/get a blowjob stoned and keep an erection, so I think the virgin thing could play a role in it

  17. Do you take any antidepressants?
  18. Marijuana?:D:smoking:
  19. When i was 16, the first guy i tried to sleep with, my boyfriend now, couldn't keep it hard. He found out about a month later it was because of the medicine he was taking.

    Now he has trouble keeping it soft. :p I liiiiike it.
  20. I've never had sex while stoned but yes weed does make your orgasms much more intense. :eek::p

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