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Weedmaps supports criminal and non complaint buisness?

Discussion in 'Marijuana/Cannabis Business and Industry News' started by Crosshairs, Mar 20, 2018.

  1. So as a consumer weedmaps is pissing me off, its 3 months into 2018 and 1 out of 100 dispos has the test results listed for SOME of their products. As lab results are required by law its sad to see weedmaps does not enforce businesses it displays are complaint with the laws. Theyve also recently been sent a cease and desist from California on listing unlicensed pot shops, which weedmaps in return said fuck you, we are an information service you cant force us. Should weedmaps be forced to comply with state laws within the now legal cannabis market?
  2. What you should be pissed about is your government greedy grab for all the tax they see floating over the cannabis market like fluffy clouds full of 1000 dollar bills they'll line they're own pockets with.
    Cannabis needs to compete with Alcohol and it's own black market.
    Taxed at the same rate as BOOZE and priced so I can get equally as fucked up on either for the same money.
    I can get falling down hammered on 10 bucks worth of booze but I need a 100 bucks worth of weed for the same high ? This is what's CRAP
    Let weedmaps push the black market until it closes the legal market.
    It's all smoke and mirrors anyhow.
    I'd say grow your own but they'll close that door all to soon as Wa state already has.
    Trust the Government to make a shit storm mess of cannabis like they do everything.
    Free market doesn't work with a huge tax load and an existing black market.
    No way in hell the black market will fall with the current dispensary prices.
    My 2 cents.
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  3. I dont really care that the illegal shops are still there(its like an open police raid map tbh) I use them still, its seeing untested products being sold even by the licensed shops that bothers me, its suppoed to be for open product honesty, I feel any business not giving real % is sketchy, the labs arent expensive to run for a batch and they have several down here for years

    and damn, that takes Washington off my potential states to live in, I thought they just had a lower limit.
  4. Selling unlicensed or untested products will result in revoking of your retail license. You can turn them into the MJ control board for that. They are swift and don't fuck around.

    I've noticed on a recent trip that weedmaps doesn't have that complete of listings and had me driving way further then I needed to. Someone should just come up with a superior service.
  5. No, weedmaps shouldn't be forced to comply. Just like California shouldn't have been forced to comply with federal regs for prop 215. As a consumer, don't use their service, or do. I will use them now just because they said fuck you to California because that's a cause I support, thanks for the info.
  6. I have always wondered (especially recently) if both weedmaps and leafy promoted certain dispensarys that advertise something with them or their affiliates..I has become more and more about the Cash, and not so much about helping people get the best product at the best prices..The "grow tips" at leafy are an example (nute company) of the Baloney spewed on a once terrific site (Botanicare, now owned by Monsanto I believe!!)
  7. Idk I'm a clone in some foxfarm and maxsea kinda grower, works well so haven't sought grow tips in some time. Tbh I gave up on weed maps the third time it sent me to a closed location.
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  8. I agree..(Don't travel much any more, so Weedmaps is pretty much useless for me)
    I only use Leafly to check on strain reviews..I will look at the grow tips if I am interested in growing that strain.
    I noticed that Leafly will say a strain is in a certain location (we are not supposed to grow a strain available within 25 miles of home..Nevada)..If I look at the dispensary menu..the strain is either unavailable, or only as concentrates..
  9. So that satisfy the 25 mile rule then?
  10. #10 Buzzer777, Apr 13, 2018
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    Haha..If I wanted to grown something within 25 miles, I would just name it something else..I guess If they really wanted to burn me (not likely) they could genetically test my grow..LMAO
    Since there are more than 5000 known strains, it is easy to get what I want..I sample shit so I can reasonably expect to grow what I tried.
  11. Haha ya me too. I only sample stuffs they have clones for
  12. But why would you want to turn them in to the control board? Snitching is shitty, doesn't matter if it is on a person or a business. Just let the business run as is, if they are going to get shut down then it will happen eventually but don't go dropping dimes on people that are just trying to make a living.
  13. I was more responding to the person above me complaining about legal dispensaries in his area selling untested product. I've never even seen that myself but as a person who is working on a legal business it bothers me that I would have to compete with someone cutting large corners in business cost illegally.

    I paid $50 for my stupid handlers permit. I've went through the regulations. It's expensive to follow all of steps to testing product to get it on the market here. We don't even have local testing facilities and they require you to physically accompany sample on a plane to the testing facility because there is no approved shipping. If a competing business wasn't testing their product I would consider turning them in. I probably wouldn't have to though. We're a small enough area with few enough stores they are watched closely. The MJ board in Alaska has direct feed to our camera system.
  14. In the cannabis industry you are always going to be battling businesses that aren't legal or the black market in general, but snitching is snitching, whether it is in business or on the street. I am in the camp of if you run a good business with quality product that is tested, you don't really have to worry about competing with the other businesses because you will attract clientele that wants to see the test results and knows you have quality product.

    Yes, I think businesses should comply but the fact is the ones that don't will be shut down eventually regardless, but being a snitch is extremely shitty and can get you in trouble depending who you snitch on

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