Weedless weekend (months)

Discussion in 'General' started by Ypres, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. I haven't smoked since the day before Mother's Day. I did that because I was getting myself ready to pass a drug test, well the job fell through and I didn't even get a job this summer (fucking job market can suck it). When I am not at school all my friends are very Christian and many of them drank for the first time this summer (We are all 19 or 20). So obviously there is no weed to be found around me. So I head back to where I go to school and my roommate who smokes and often has pot was there. Well we called up all the dealers we knew and all our friends who we thought were in town but since it is still early August no one is back yet so we came up empty. Sadness, I was looking forward to smoking for the first time in a while. Oh well, sad story for you guys, smoke one for me!
  2. i fell ya bro i have been weedless for about amonth and a half due to no money.
    but hang in there you will be blazing before you know it :)
  3. Sobriety blows and is overrated.
  4. I find myself in a very similar position.
  5. hehe same boat here man. but im saving for my first ounce so yea i'll be with ya in spirit
  6. Same boat as you my friend hopefully i get some buds by next week when my dealer kums back from vacation

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