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Weedlands,TX Skunk #1 and my sherlock.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by chiefchiefer420, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. This is my first pick up thread. Got two g's for 40. Skunk #1. Ive had this bud a few times it has a great head and body buzz and i always have a great time.:smoke:

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  2. Wow, nice sherlock.
  3. nice pipe man ^^

    weedlands? that's what my high school was nicknamed for many many years :D
  4. its the woodlands, aka weedlands.
  5. great pickup man looks like that skunk will tear me up lol. very nice piece too have you named it?
  6. Thanks for the comments on the pipe. Its the gobstopper cause it changes colors and it seems like the bowl is neverending.

  7. man i wish i could come up with clever names like that for my pieces!!
  8. i live like 15 min from the wood lands haha i love the weed in texas... (born and raised in texas) its the shit
  9. Wow that is a rad sherlock man. Great looking weed too, looks like some Grade A cannabis. Keep tokin'

  10. i have a sherlock almost identical to that color and everything... but it has an extra chamber on the bottom instead of the splash.. same color and everything... where did u get it cause im near woodlands... anyways nice pipe and buds
  11. "Skunk 1's in the chamber!" - KMK

    Haha nice bud dude that looks like some killa nug.
  12. Thats crazy I'm in the woodlands also. Did you get that piece down on 1960? lol
  13. Nice piece, Im just not that much of a fan of Sherlocks, I don't know what it is I just don't.
  14. yeah i got the piece at "rock n' roll it" off of 1960.
  15. #15 lilcreampup, Feb 18, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 18, 2009
    surprisingly a lot of woodlands people on here.

    edit: might as well post bud.
  16. Hell ya Nice Sherlock. 40 For 2 grams seems pretty steep. I was Gettin sum Kickass Northern x Skunk #1 For 40 an 8th not to long ago.
  17. thats a sweet ass sherlock
  18. Nice sherlock man, reminds me of my old one.
  19. thats crazy i didnt know so many people from the woodlands were on here lol i too am from the woodlands and yeah the bud is great there
  20. Hell me neither lol. I guess i'll be different and rep MISSOURI CITY, TEXAS!!!!!........but I live in Humble now:( lol. I think i'm gonna make that little short trip out to the Woodlands to see what's up.

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