Weedcity.com is a rip off.

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  1. I ordered from them 6 weeks ago and have not recieved my pipes. Not only that, they have charged me $67 more than the invoiced amount. There is another current thread about this but i am unable to reply to it for some reason. None of the contact numbers work. Outfits like this, is what gives the cannabis community a bad name. Looks like i am out of pocket $237, shouldv'e just bought an Oz and a packet of papers.
  2. do you live in America?
    that website is intended for the people of the United Kingdom, look down the page and you will see its all in pounds and under the UK's jurisdiction. If your not in America then im not sure what happened.
  3. i guess you didnt see the notice on tokecity, apperantly weedcity is under new manegment of someshit and now there not sending out orders, there just taking peoples money.its no good and its been this way for about a year now.

  4. those bastards, that is pretty fucked. i just went to there website two minutes ago and its still up, so i guess you must be right. Sorry OP:eek:
  5. I almost dropped $500 on a custom roor there. I heard it was a wife husband buisness and they divorced which caused all kinds of order issues. but I heard it all got sorted out months ago.

    just out of curiosity, have you tried emailing them?
  6. Yea DO NOT order from Weedcity right now, I saw an article about it on TC - its some personal affair with the owner or some shit

    this was a while back tho, a few months, so as stated above its probably cleared up.
  7. I'm in Australia, hence my name. Tried all the numbers and email etc'. I have contacted Roor in Germany to get their view on this site as it could possibly damage their reputation. I also have VISA on the case, quite funny talking to the lady at the bank telling her i got ripped off buying a bong, but credit card fraud is credit card fraud?
  8. what type of credit card did you use?
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    i ordered a custom from them jaunary 22nd. i was charged what it said i would be charged, and everything has gone well for me so far. ive spoken to a man at WC many times about my order, checking up on it and such, so many times hes probably sick of hearing from me, but im convinced i will get it. he let me know when the tube was done being made, and they are holding it as i am away right now, theyre going to overnight it to me the day i get back to my apartment (march 3).

    sorry to hear about your order, definately try calling them during their hours of business. sometimes you have to call a few times because they dont always pick up, but in my case theyve been helpful and im sure im going to get what i ordered when i was told.

    as far as the whole thing with them taking money and not shipping orders, that was resolved months ago. they are back up and running now and everything seems good.

    definately try to call them tomorrow, MAKE SURE YOU CHECK THE TIME THOUGH. for me i know i have to call between 5am and 1pm to get in touch with them, so check what it is for your time zone. i suggest not bashing them though because im sure for every unsatisfied order, there are 100 ones that go through with out a problem, and they would probably do everything they can to satisfy that order.

    get in touch with them, theyre friendly and they will definately help you out.

    suggestions for next time, and anyone else thinking about placing an order:

    ive called every week since i ordered my tube pretty much to see if they got everything in my order right, to make sure i ordered everything right, to change a few things mid way through, to get information on shipping times, and to see when i will be receiving it. believe it or not last time i spoke to him he even said he saw some of my posts on grasscity. it helps to make a connection with the establishment, theyll take better care of you in the end. good luck.
  10. Weedcity is back on track if you check out the TokeCity thread...
  11. Gorilla, the guy from WeedCity, went on TC and explained what happened.. ugly divorce and whatnot.. but there is no way I'd order from WeedCity now, even if "everything was sorted out".. I've heard so many people say they got jacked by WC since "everything was sorted out"
  12. ronjohnToke,
    what number did you call? all the numbers on the site i tried said the number was not connected. Thanks in advance.
  13. i called 1 888 214 8873 and every time i called it rang and i got through. either no one picked up and it went to a voicemail or i got the guy on the phone.
  14. Thanks for that, cheers.
  15. sure man, good luck i hope you get what you ordered!
  16. Well, i've tried everything, called twice a night for the last week (yes, in their timezone), emailed using their supposed "customer service portal", and still nothing. I have contacted VISA card fraud and because i have been charged more than the invoiced cost they are now onto it. Please don't use this online store, it's obviously just a front to rip people off.
  17. Bastards.

    So you bought something and they charged you more than once and are totally jacking you?!
  18. They just overcharged me, the one time, $67 over what i was invoiced. It took them less than 12 hours to process the payment and now it has been almost 2 months with no contact at all. If they do sort this (i highly doubt it), then i will repost here with their explanation. I don't like to rag on businesses as i own one myself, but i'm sorry, fraud and theft are unnaceptable.
  19. hey man,

    i hate to see this shit happen, someone else is going through the same shit right now. although i recieved my tube, they didnt send me the stock bowl it should have came with and they didnt send me a screen, so i cant even use the fucking slide because the holes too fucking big. thats nothing compared to your problems though.

    anyway heres an email that the owner of WC has emailed me from before:


    his name is James. good luck man, i hope this helps.
  20. aren't water pipes illegal in australia? maybe it was seized in customs?

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