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Weedbreaks suck.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Cloudman88, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. I know, I know, this is a pot smoking forum, so it's fairly likely that most of you are probably either smoking while you read this, or you're already stoned. However, I am not, because we don't have any money for weed. We move out of our apartment this Sunday and can't really afford to be buying reefer. It sucks, but luckily I have a fridge filled with liquor to keep me distracted.

    So, anybody else on a weedbreak? Whether it's for money reasons or tolerance reasons, come in and we can talk about how bad we want to smoke.

  2. my girl and i were smoking an eight a day we settled for a dub at 5 pm i guess you could call it a break. or slowing down. but none the less...MONEY SUCKS WHEN YOU DONT HAVE IT!
  3. I have a drug test coming up with my family's general practitioner.
    It normally wouldn't be a problem but since he is also my parent's doctor it's a little bit sketchy.
    I've taken breaks before though and it doesn't bother me after the first few days.
  4. Well yesterday and today I realised something I was afraid of.
    I was forced not to smoke from Sunday 10PM until Tuesday 4PM and it went worse than I had thought. After a long time trying to convince myself that I wasn't hooked, I now know that I somewhat am. Ah well, its Tuesday 8PM and I've been fucking high since 4! Haha :smoking: So please excuse me if I went off-topic..
  5. I've got money.

    I don't have a hook up.

    Last time I smoked was at the Nine Inch Nails concert Friday.

    Yea, it is pretty gay.
  6. I mean, I've taken tolerance breaks or lack-of-funding breaks in the past, and they were all a lot worse, because I smoked more then. I managed to cut down on my weed smoking and get myself to a level where one bowl a day is about all I want, and gets me as high as I want too. It helps save green, too, which is always good.
  7. I haven't smoked since Saturday night through choice. I tried cutting down majorly on weed and was successful for 2 weeks where I smoked a gram a week, but then the two weeks following I smoked an eigth and last week I smoked everyday, so I had to take a break so I wouldn't get back into the everyday without fail habbit which was fucking my head up. I'd say I feel fresher and more awake, which is true at nights, but when I woke up I feel fucking mermed. I was going to pick up last night but didn't because I couldn't get a lift to where everyone was smoking (some house miles away), so had another completely sober day. Boredom hits so much harder, it's literally impossible to be bored when you're stoned.
  8. I don't get people like you who have breaks before tests... You can buy drinks which clean you're system of drugs in 1 hour... Theres no need for proper breaks lol...
  9. #9 Saint Dogg, Aug 19, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 19, 2008
    3 bowls down and loaded one right before I opened this thread, I'll toke this one for you man...

    Most use it as a way of forcing themselves into taking a T-Break to lower there tolerance.
  10. Yeah I dont get paid till Friday and im broke after paying all my bills... It sucks but it helps to think about that half O im gettting on FRIDAY!!! Yeah if for some reason you cant smoke weed just chill out. You may be a little sad but its nothing compared to not having a cigarette for a long period of time. (fellow tobacco smokers will agree).
  11. Ugh. Don't remind me. I quit three weeks ago.
  12. Im in Poland right now and i'm having trouble finding bud. Ive been looking around the city but there is little to no weed culture here and people don't really do it. I went to all the nicest spots, by the river, by the ocean, under bridges even lol, and nothing.

    Its been a week since ive smoked and itll be probably at least 3 more. Ive talked to some locals tho and it seems that clubs are the place to go. So, after work this friday i will try and hit up some popular clubs and ask there. I really really wanna smoke. I used to smoke everyday and i was pretty much high 24/7 since high school(5 years ago)

    im not dying but i just have nothing to do after 3pm(they end work here early) and the food is great and i just wish i could light up. Anyway if anyone knows anyone around Gdansk PM me or email me at

    Anyway i wanna smoke too man and i feel your pain.
  13. Have Money but no one never have any good to sell plus now im bout to quit becuz of some damn drug test.
  14. I am on a very long weed break. I got caught on the 15th by my mom and I can't leave my house so I'm gonna have to wait for school to start up again to smoke again. (3 weeks and btw I AM 18, and I'm a senior in high school)
  15. lol :hello: 09 baby my mom caught me too at tha beginning of the summer :smoking:she was really cool bout it i was actually surprised got by my grandma totally different story
  16. I have had to smoke stems and res to get by when I had no money. Now weed and cigarettes, I can live without. Money to buy food and gas, that proves to be a problem.
  17. It's been four years, he either has some or gave up a long time ago. :smoke:
  18. Weed breaks do suck, but just know that the next time you smoke you'll have an ultra low tolerance, and you'll get high as fuck off one hit :D happen every time!

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